Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Audrey sews Project Watercolor Beach

Project Watercolor Beach is live!!!

The whole collection is live over in the shop!  Here they are:

Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection

Bodhi Board Skirt pattern (PREORDER)

AND there are 16 funner than fun digital designs in the collection too!!!

All this week, the 6 designers of Project Watercolor Beach will be sharing glimpses of what we sewed from the collection.  You're going to be SEW inspired!

A note: work on this collection began before the world ever heard the words "corona virus."  I'm so incredibly proud of each of the designers who persevered through every. single. obstacle!  And there were many.  We don't need to list them all out because you have been experiencing them too.  And you'll notice that 2 of the patterns in the collection are on preorder status.  The patterns are nearly complete, but are still being perfected.  We will add them to your accounts just as soon as we possibly can.   So we thank you for your patience with us and our current situation.  Please know that if you purchase any of these patterns, or ALL of them, you are supporting some very tired, very well deserving artists.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Next week, the lookbook launches, and you'll want to follow along as 10 past Project Run & Play designers share their INCREDIBLE makes from the collection.

Today I (Audrey) get to share with you some of the garments I sewed from the Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection!

Let me just preface this by saying I got really excited about this collection!  The patterns are all so inspiring and perfect for summer.  And since my kids seem bent on growing, they need new clothes as they've outgrown what I sewed for them last summer.

In fact, I sewed so many garments from this collection that I couldn't cram them all into one post, so I'll be sharing them through the next couple of weeks over at Skirt Fixation.

Today I'm sharing all about the 5 (FIVE!) Lemon Tees I sewed, so head over to Skirt Fixation for more of these cuties in their new tees.

Which pattern will you be sewing first?

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