Friday, June 12, 2020

Jenny of Made of Starlite for Project Watercolor Beach

Today Jenny of Made of Starlite is sharing her creations from the Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection.

Project Watercolor Beach pattern collection

Jenny says:
I had so much fun putting together the outfits for this lookbook! It's fun, colorful and quintessentially summer 💙💚💛❤💜

Please head over to Made of Starlite to check out more!

You can find the Jenny's Summer of '89 creations in the Project Watercolor Beach lookbook starting on page 16.  Also, Jenny was an ENORMOUS help in creating and putting the lookbook together!  She created all the tester spreads starting on page 210 as well as applied her magic to several other photo essays throughout the magazine!  

Project Watercolor Beach is a collaboration in more ways than one!  With every collection we've released, we ask some talented designers to participate in a tour.  Because of their collaboration, you get to see the patterns on different bodies and from different fabrics.  Prepare yourself to be amazed for the next couple of weeks!

See you tomorrow for more Project Watercolor Beach fun!

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