Friday, August 7, 2020

Designer Interview: Anne of Sofilantjes

We're back with another installment of the Designer Interviews series.  We LOVE the designers of Project Run & Play Seasons so much, that we bring them back occasionally and ask them questions.  

Today's featured designer is Anne of Sofilantjes.  She was a designer on Season 20.

What have you been doing since your Season on Project Run & Play?

Working, designing. Mostly still enjoying the full creative process. I’ve also released a pattern (the Via Top, Tunic and Dress) in the Project Street Style collection.

What was your favorite part of your experience on Project Run & Play?

I loved being challenged and sewing out of my comfort zone. It also helps the other participants were all so sweet and so talented!

What would you have done differently on your Season if you could do it over?

Nothing to be honest. I still love everything I made.

Funny behind the scenes story?

We did a photo shoot with the little one and it ended up With her eating the rose petals.

How did your family react/help during your experience?

They were all so excited. My husband helped me brainstorm on new ideas.

Advice for future competitors?

Enjoy the full process and plan ahead.

Did you have any ideas that totally bombed and you had to switch gears?

Yes! I totally messed up the finals. I guess I was lucky that was the week I dropped out. I would have never made it without skipping a few night’s sleep!

Thank you so much, Anne! Besides following along with her on Sofilantjes, you can find Anne on Instagram too.

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