Friday, August 14, 2020

Designer Interview: Kari of That's Sew Kari

 It's time for another Designer Interview!  This week we go to ask Kari of That's Sew Kari a few questions.  She was a designer on the most recent Season, Season 23.

What have you been doing since your Season on Project Run & Play?

I have been sewing up a storm (promoting fabrics and patterns) and really enjoying keeping busy with it. My girls are also loving all the new clothes!!

What was your favorite part of your experience on Project Run & Play?

My favorite part of PRP was seeing everything come together each week, albeit sometimes at the very last minute. My presentation of Fairytale Week was probably the most fun when I made up fake social media to show the pictures.

What would you have done differently on your Season if you could do it over?

I wish I had heeded the advice to start early!! HAHA. I literally sewed like crazy to make each deadline.

What did you learn sewing skill-wise from your challenge?

I got really good at inserting zippers! I used 7 zippers in 3 of the 4 weeks.

How did your family react/help during your experience?

They were very supportive! I was lucky my girls indulged me for all the photos and countless fittings. (It helped that I compensated them...haha!!)

Any make-it-work moments?

I couldn't find any stretch denim in the color I wanted for Week 3 so I turned the denim inside out so it was a lighter color.

Advice for future competitors?

Don't overthink the themes. I spent way too much time second-guessing whether I was headed in the right direction with the prompts.

Did you have any ideas that totally bombed and you had to switch gears?

I switched gears every single week. LOL I literally had a pile of "discarded" projects by the end of the four weeks. My biggest was changing the entire color scheme of Week 1 a few days before it was due.

Anything else you want to share?

This was the craziest, stressful, most fun whirlwind of 4 weeks, but I'm glad I took a chance. I'd definitely do it all over again!!

Thank you so much, Kari! Besides following along on That's Sew Kari, you can be inspired by her on Instagram here.

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