Friday, November 27, 2020

Jenn sews Project Lounge Library

  Remember ALL the patterns in this Project Lounge Library collection are priced at 20% off through November 30th.  The Lounge Library bundled collection is the best deal, as it is priced at over 30% off!  Today we get to see more makes from the Project Lounge Library collection!

Jenn sewed up SO MANY of the patterns from this collection!  And does it get any cuter than these sisters in their Story, Alice and Novella patterns?  Plus a Bookish Beanie to top it off... ;)

Jenn designed the Biography Bomigan you see here, and it's such a fun pattern!  Do you see the Story Pattern and that Novella makes me want one in my size!!!

This outfit just screams loungewear, don't you think?  Le Sigh!!!  It's a George Hoodie and Prose Cargo Joggers.  Be sure to head over to Jenn's blog to see some more really fun photos from this collection.

You can shop the Project Lounge Library collection here:

Project Lounge Library pattern collection

Alice Top & Dress

Becky Skirt

Biography Bomigan 

Bookish Beanie

George Hoodie

Joseph Joggers

Journal Jumpsuit

Nini Noni Nightwear

Novella Pinafore

Prose & Poetry Cargo Joggers & Skirt

Story Pattern

Urban Classic Doll

Urban Jungle Crew Bundle

Urban Jungle Crew 1

Urban Jungle Crew 2

Urban Jungle Crew 3

Urban Jungle Crew 4

Urban Jungle Crew 5

Nutcracker Doll

Urban Clothes Bundle

Lounge Library Digital Designs

See you Monday for the release of the Project Lounge Library lookbook!!!!!  And the first day of the best blog tour yet...

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