Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Take Me Back with Petit a Petit/Ensemble Patterns

 It's time for another Take Me Back walk down memory lane!  Let's take a good long look at the Serengenti Tanzania look by Celina of Petit a Petit/Ensemble Patterns from Season 9 Week 1: Put Me in the Zoo challenge.

Where do we even start on a look this fantastic?  It's just so cool, and everything we've come to love and respect from Celina.  Her style is so unique, that we are left with our mouths hanging open!  It's the details that keep up coming back for another look over and over again.  And years later we find ourselves trying to copy something she originally inspired us with.

There are 6 garments (and that adorable little bird purse!) represented in this look.  They're each so fun, and we've broken them down for you so you can create one or all of them too!  Let's start with the brother's look.

Let's start with the uber cool zookeeper!  This timeless boiler suit look has some extra special touches.  Don't worry, we've sourced everything you see...

Zookeeper Boilersuit pattern: You're going to have to combine two patterns to make this garment.  For the top part, use the blouse version of the Maybelle pattern.  And the bottom is almost exactly the Super Tough Jeans pattern.  Of course you'd have to add some cargo pockets to the top, so here's a great tutorial for that.  

Zookeeper Boilersuit fabric: Using some Robert Kaufman twill fabric in moss color would be the perfect weight and fabric for this garment.  And then you'll need some fun striped ribbon for trimming.  Plus don't forget the delightful animal patch.

Zookeeper hat pattern: The Fell and Dale Cap pattern is actually the perfect pattern, you just don't do the step where you attach the brim to the cap!

Zookeeper hat fabric: Cheetah print fabric in a gray color.  Done!

Next up is the little ballerina hippo.  I mean, can you even?!?!?!  Let's break down her fun look from to p to bottom...

Hippo bonnet pattern: The Evergreen Bonnet pattern from Twig and Tale is a perfect fit.  (No pun intended...okay maybe trying to be a little punny here!

Hippo bonnet fabric: This grey faux leather would most likely have the right amount of both softness and structure for a darling bonnet.  Plus the oversize satin ribbon is a MUST add detail.

Hippo Jacket pattern: This might surprise you, but it was those darling shoulder ruffles that got us thinking.  If you use the Alice Top & Dress Pattern, but switch the back and the front so the zipper is in the front, it's a pretty close match!  It'd probably be a good idea to go up a size for outerwear though.

Hippo Jacket fabric: This grey faux leather would most likely have the right amount of both softness and structure for the jacket too.  Do you see that darling pop of lining inside?  This pink linen wide stripe fabric would be a great match. 

Hippo Leotard pattern: Just like with big brother, we're going to combine two patterns at the waist to create this darling leotard.  We suggest Abby's Spin + Twirl Top & Dress for the top half, and Frances Leggings for the bottom.  

Hippo Leotard fabric: This grey double brushed poly jersey fabric would be SO cozy and soft for a leotard!

Hippo Tutu pattern: Because of the layers of tulle, Abby's Ballerina Skirt would be a great pattern to use.  Just cut the front NOT on the fold, and you've got the cute front opening.  You'll also want to cut all the layers of tulle the same length, or close to it.

Hippo Tutu fabric: Layers and layers of pink, fuchsia, and purple tulle will create the cutest hippo ballerina tutu!

Alright, here it is together: 

Location, Styling and Photography: The location is indoor with some soft side lighting.  Or at least we think that's what it is because we can hardly take our eyes off that cardboard giraffe.  The burning question is, did Celina and her talented kids make that too?  How may refrigerator boxes did it take?  Where is the giraffe now?  (My kids want to know...) That adorable bird purse, we're at a loss to know how to create it, but think this tutorial might be a good place to start.  Celina's kids are definitely used to being in front of a camera (she's an amazing photographer) but playing the part of the wild animal is the perfect way to get them to relax and get super fun poses happening!  The shoes are so good too, don't you think?

What else did you notice about this look?

See what the other designers created for the Put Me in the Zoo challenge here.

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