Thursday, June 3, 2021

Sew A Straight Line & Project Smooth Sorbet

 Kicking off the Project Smooth Sorbet celebration is Sabra from Sew A Straight Line.

Sabra sewed 7 patterns from the collection and several of the digital designs and took hands down the most FUN photos of her daughter!  We asked Sabra what she thought of the patterns and this was her response:

My daughter and I love these patterns. They are just her style, and so easy to mix and match. The drafting and instructions are fabulous. The graphics were easy to convert to embroidery files. 

Oh, and my favorite sorbet flavor? Coconut:)

Be sure to head over to Sew A Straight Line on Instagram for lots more information and fun photos!

Here are direct links to the patterns Sabra used:

Parfait Polo

Limone Lounge Set

Bacio Basic Tee

Sorbetto Swimsuit

Bacca Bootcuts

Fetta Purse

Frutta Purse 

Check out all the digital designs too!

See you tomorrow when the next contributor shares her makes from the Project Smooth Sorbet pattern collection.

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