Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Pantone Party with Kat of Sew Chibi Designs

 Today you're in for a treat!  In her usual ultra cool style, and on location in some of the trendiest spots in town, Kat of Sew Chibi Designs created a custom Very Peri look!

Here's Kat with more info:

💜Time for the Project Run & Play Pantone Party again!💜 The Color of the Year for 2022 is “Very Peri” and I made a custom fabric design, courtesy of Raspberry Creek Fabrics, using the exact hex code for this year’s color! It was a lot of fun drafting and designing the whole look (inspired by a Key stage look) and Sephira and I are so squeaky giddy over the end result!

You can head over to Sew Chibi Designs for tons more photos and all the details in detail!!

Kat used these patterns:

Metro Pants and Shorts

Touka Sweater (coming soon to the Project Run & Play shop!)

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