Thursday, March 10, 2022

Season 26 Meet the Designers: Nele from Sewstory by Nele

Hi!! I'm Nele from Sewstory by Nele and I'm thrilled to be part of season 26 :-) 

I live in Belgium near Ghent with my sweet husband and our four amazing kids. We have three boys and one little girl, ages between 8 and 2. 

As a little girl I dreamed of sewing clothes for my barbie dolls, so my mom (who is an incredibly talented seamstress) thought me how I could sew for them by hand. When I was older and graduated as a registered nurse I still loved sewing and took real sewing classes 2 times a week for 4 years. Strangely enough I went from sewing almost daily to only sporadically when I was pregnant with my oldest... During my second pregnancy I wasn't alowed to work as a nurse anymore and I went back to sewing weekly. After number three and four came along I switched dayjobs and my sewing turned into a daily activity again :-) 

Somewhere along the way I discovered that there were loads of FB sewing groups and that opened up a whole new world of sewing, amazing patterns & even more pattern companies to discover. In the spring of 2020 I tested a pattern for the first time and I loved that experience. Since then I'm happy to be a pattern tester for some fantastic companies and talentend indie pattern designers. This is something I truly love and it has learned me sooo many new things and pushed me out of my comfort zone a lot!

Last year I thought it would be fun and more sustainable to stop buying clothes and make everything for my kids myself... So far it's going great and I haven't bought anything for any of them since Augsust 2020 :-) But I do make an exception for Halloween costumes & carnaval... ;-) 

Currently I'm working part time at the local fabric shop in my town and share my love of sewing with others by teaching sewing classes.

I can't wait to see everything that's coming this season and I'm very excited to be here! 

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