Monday, April 4, 2022

12 Patterns with UNIQUELY FUN Pockets

 We're so excited and inspired by the Season 26 themes that we have some fun ideas for you today.  If you're looking for patterns loaded with pockets, we've got 12 perfect pocket patterns to get you started!  (Say that fast 3 times...)

Prose & Poetry Cargo Joggers - soooo many pockets and even a hidden one!

David Rain Jacket - big, boxy and the BEST!

Prancer Pull Ons - traditional jeans pocket, but in the comfortable version

Journal Jumpsuit - those fun curved pocket openings

Mary Dungarees - the possibilities are endless on these pockets

Morocco Pants & Shorts - hands down the most unique and prettiest pockets

Cicero Jacket & Dress - quirky on the diagonal that will make you feel like a superstar seamstress

Odeline Blouse & Dress - oversized for any and all treasure hunting

Seed Pattern - slash pocket perfection

D'Anjou Dress - pocket origami?  Yes, please!

Puffin Vest - keeps their hands warm too

Yawn Sleep/Tee - a tunnel pocket that you'll both adore

What is your favorite kind of pocket to sew?  Try these unique pockets and up your sewing skills game.  Because everything is better with pockets!

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