Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Project Art Studio with Kari of That's Sew Kari

 We're so excited about this next masterpiece!  Kari from That's Sew Kari has blown our minds (as usual) with her makes from the Project Art Studio collection.

Let's hear it straight from the artists's mouth:

“An empty canvas is a living wonder - far lovelier than certain pictures” - Wassily Kandinksy

When I saw Project Art Studio, I knew I wanted to tackle the Degas Dungarees. My youngest loves the skirt version, but I hadn't found a "legit" store knock-off... until now. Every detail is in included in the pattern. This pattern is not one to rush through, however. Every seam is double topstitched and the time is totally worth it.

Underneath, I sewed an Easel Tee which sews up about as fast as you can piece the pattern together. You can't see it, but I chose the cropped length and she's requested a million more of these for cheer practice.

As for my inspiration: as I searched through my stash of fabric, I kept coming back to this white canvas fabric. I wanted to make the Degas Dungarees versatile enough that she could wear it after photos. And well, white goes with everything. Then I thought, maybe a white Easel Tee and she could be a blank canvas. I had a good chuckle and kept looking. I ran the idea past my daughter and she actually loved it. 

I offered to give her markers and let her decorate it afterwards for a second photoshoot, but she claimed she prefers it "blank" (or she just didn't want to humor me for more photos... HA!)

See more photos on my BLOG!

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