Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Project Art Studio with Skirt Fixation

 Today Audrey is sharing her makes from the Project Art Studio pattern collection.  She was inspired by the artist Norman Rockwell.  Here's Audrey:

At our house we ADORE Norman Rockwell paintings because they each tell such a story!  My kids can spend hours pouring over a coffee table book we have with his paintings.  When I suggested to them we try to recreate some of them and I'd sew them some new clothes for the occasion, they couldn't have been more excited!  We narrowed it down to 15 of our favorites, and used them to inspire us.  Some are pretty close replicas, and others are loose interpretations.  Here are 2 examples of what we came up with:

Leapfrog by Norman Rockwell for The Saturday Evening Post

Project Run & Play

Believe it or not, we managed to sew up ALL of the patterns except the Van Gogh Bag...somehow we just ran out of time!

Above can you spot these patterns:

Easel Tee

Four Seasons Joggers

Multi-Hue Henley

Super Tough Jeans

Spring: Beguiling Buttercup by Norman Rockwell  (This one is part of a series: 4 Seasons of Young Love, and yes, we did them all!!!)

Project Run & Play

To recreate this one we used these patterns:

Haze Dress

Degas Dungarees

Easel Tee

Four Seasons Joggers

To see the rest of the fun we had, head over to Skirt Fixation.

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