Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Project Run & Play Team sews Project Art Studio fabric!

 Today the entire Project Run & Play team is sharing their makes using the Project Art Studio pattern and fabric collections!  

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it for you.


Project Art Studio fabric

Four of my kids got new outfits using the Project Art Studio fabric collection at Raspberry Creek Fabrics!  Lucky ducks!  And now the other kids want some too...  Let's look at each of their outfits:

Project Art Studio fabric

Big sister is wearing a Multi-Hue Henley Dress made from Sage Rugby Stripe on cotton jersey knit fabric.

She is also wearing a Blank Canvas Cardigan made from Dark Blue Paint Drip on liverpool knit fabric.

Project Run & Play fabric

Little Sister is wearing a Haze Dress made from Brushstroke Hearts White on Sage on stretch crepe fabric.

She's also wearing a Fashionista Jacket made from old jeans!  (Not available at Raspberry Creek Fabrics, but probably you have a bunch laying around too!)

Project Art Studio fabric

And finally Little Brother is wearing an Easel Tee made from one of our Mixed Panel Designs on White Speckled Background on french terry fabric.  

He's also wearing 4 Seasons Joggers made from Paint Party Blue, Yellow & Green on cotton jersey fabric.

Project Run & Play fabric

Here's a little closer look at the "I'm not messy, I'm creative" graphic which was just TOO perfect for this guy!

Project Art Studio fabric

This fellow got a new pair of pajamas!  We had fun figuring out how to use two of the panels in imaginative ways.  We used the "Original" panel on one of the sleeves of the Sleep Tight Tee.  Then we used the "Imagine Draw Paint Create Make" panel on the front leg of the Sweet Dreams Pajama Pants.  Since all 3 of the panels I used in these looks comes on 1 yard, it was very fun to figure out how to use them!  We got them on french terry, and also some coordinating speckles print on french terry to make the whole pair of pajamas.


I was so excited to get my Project Art Studio fabric in the mail! I had such a hard time choosing which designs I wanted to order because there are so many bright, fun colorways available. I also found an assortment of coordinating solids in my stash to mix in with the bold prints.

Paint Party Project Art Studio Fabric

My daughter got a new pair of Rocky Shore Tights using the yellow paint drip border in athletic knit. I also sewed her a Sundowner Sweatshirt in paint party french terry. It looks really cute with the pink crayon version of the Pointillism Pencil Pouch.

Easel Tee and Four Seasons Joggers

I really liked the idea of a mix-and-match set so I also sewed her a pair of Four Season Joggers and a cotton jersey cropped Easel Tee in the speckle print.

Easel Tee and Rocky Shore Leggings

My niece joined our photo shoot again. She got more Rocky Shore Tights and a full length speckled Easel Tee. It is also styled with a Pointillism Pencil Pouch.

Multi-Hue Henley and Rocky Shore Tights

Finally, I sewed a modified Multi-Hue Henley. I widened the neckline and omitted the placket to save time, but the pieced long sleeve looks really sharp with the thin pencil line fabric in french terry.

Oh, and I also put our handy new tags in their new clothes!

You can get all of the details on these pieces on my blog!

Whitney of SewWhit Designs sewed up a bunch of patterns and did this fun photoshoot. We love everything about these looks!

For biggest brother we used the Easel Tee with one of our digital designs in Heat Transfer Vinyl. He’s a Bob Ross fan!

For the “In the trees” shot we threw in the Monet Beret. It just felt right. And he’s still wearing his favorite Singapore shorts from the Project Jet Set Release.

Sister is rocking the Easel Tee in the hand drawn Hearts in Rib Knit! The texture of the hearts and fabric together are a great match! And the drape on the rib knit is perfect for the pattern.

These Rocky Shore Tights in the Paint Drip Athletic Fabric are perfection. I don’t know if I will ever sew another Leggins pattern again these are just too good not to use every time!

For my middle kid I did a bit of hack. I use the multi-Hue Henley sans placket. I made the neckband based on 80% of the neckline measurement and it worked great. I also added the Easel Tee pocket.

This cute Pencil Stripe was printed on Cotton Spandex Jersey! And the Solid Orange Jersey that Raspberry Creek Stocks was a perfect match for the pocket and bands.

He also got a pair of Four Seasons Joggers that are oh so comfy! He’s already requested more!

The Pencil Pouch has already been requested by all 5 of them! They don’t want to share. Thank goodness this is such a fun and EASY sew!

These Two like to match but also have their color preferences. And I have been looking EVERYWHERE for the perfect rugby stripe fabric. (The kind that aim seeing All Over the stores!) I searched high and low and didn’t find one the perfect width so we created our own! and we needed it in All the colors!!

The Multi- Hue Henley has a great fit and such fun details! The twinners are also rocking their Singapore Shorts (which may be the only woven short pattern we ever need. πŸ˜†)


Jenny of Made of Starlite took her kids to the Crayola Store to play in her fun outfits!

We had a blast at the Crayola Store playing in our Project Art Studio outfits!

I let each kid choose their favorite prints from the Project Art Studio fabric collection, and then choose which pattern they wanted. These are kid designed from top to bottom!

My daughter went with the Art Studio Toss in light pink for her Rocky Shore Tights, with a cropped Easel Tee using the Vertical Paint Drip Boarder in dark pink. I had them both printed on double brushed poly.

There are so many cool ways you could use these paint drips! Especially if they are printed on 4 way stretch fabric, so they can be used vertically or horizontally! We get comments every place the kids wear their paint drip shirts. 

My little guy is all about the blue. All the time, all the days! He was super excited about some "comfy pants" (our favorite Jingle Joggers) with the Rugby Stripe in teal blue, which *perfectly* matches the heavenly soft solid bamboo fleece in stellar blue! So we went ahead and did a Chromium Hoodie with the coveted bamboo fleece. All my other children are now begging for their own bamboo fleece hoodie. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

We did the pants with french terry, and the Easel Tee with double brushed poly and the Vertical Paint Drip Boarder in light blue.

The employees and other customers were cracking up at the antics of these two munchkins. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

And there you have it! A perfectly comfy, cute, creative and cohesive collection!! We hope it sparks your creativity!!

Please shop the Project Art Studio fabric collection at Raspberry Creek Fabrics!

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