Monday, March 20, 2023

Season 27 Themes

It is time for another season of competition!

The Project Run and Play team had so much fun coming up with the themes for this season! Without further ado...

I Can Buy Myself Flowers
Express bold confidence with your best floral designs.

Dressed to the 90s
You took can come back stronger than a 90s trend this week! Break out the Doc Martins, Pipe jeans, and rib knit tees to create something straight out of a dELia*s catalog!

Life is the Bubbles
It’s bubble week! Bubble sleeves, bubble skirt, puffer vest, pockets to hold bubbles, bubble print fabric… the world is your oyster! Show us your bubbles!

Signature Style
Design a look that best represents your own unique style, taste, and sewing skills.

Here is when the voting will be open each week:

Season 27 Weeks:
Week 1: April 4-6
Week 2: April 11-13
Week 3: April18-20
Week 4: April 25-27

If you want to sew along, get started! We hope these themes will inspire you too!

Tomorrow we will introduce our Season 27 designers! Stay tuned...

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