Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Project Night and Day with Skirt Fixation (Night Edition)

 As promised, Audrey from Skirt Fixation is back with her 2nd set of makes, this time with a night theme.  Prepare to be inspired!  Most of her fabrics are from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

Project Night and Day x Skirt Fixation

I just couldn't help myself!  And my kids *needed* some more clothes from the Project Night and Day pattern collection.  This time I was inspired by the fabrics from the collection, and sewed up some fancier nightwear looks.  

Fancy Sweatshirt for teens

This time my older daughter got a SUPER soft sweatshirt using one of the fabrics she helped design and the Luna Jumper pattern!  This fabric is the Growing Night in Nebula printed on sweat shirting.

She has styled it with her Sol Skirt and a new Little Dipper Bag in red satin.  

Night wear for children

Next up is this pair!  He really needed some new dress clothes as he's grown out of everything in just a few months.  And she just lucked out in being small enough for me to be able to scrap bust some pretty special fabric!

Sunset Shirt + Morocco Pants

First up, he is wearing a new Sunset Shirt made with grey chambray from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  And it's paired with some Morocco Pants (plain version with no stripe) in stretch sateen.  Finally, he's wearing a black satin Outer Space Tie, narrow width.  Talk about a handsome outfit!

Aurora Raglan pattern

Little Sister is wearing an Aurora Raglan made from the Bubble Nebula print in the Project Night & Day fabric collection, and blue velvet sleeves.  She's wearing a Sol Skirt lengthened to midi length in raisin twill fabric.  Just the kind of fancy style she loves to wear night or day!

Project Night & Day fabric

For their 2nd act, these two brought out the really fancy duds!

Constellation Fabric

Since he really needs new dress clothes, he is again wearing a new Sunset Shirt made with the Constellations in Ultraviolet printed on linen from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  And it's paired with some Morocco Pants in blue twill and grey linen.  Finally, he's wearing a light green satin Outer Space Tie, narrow width.  He just may have stolen the show here!

Starlite Dress

We got sort of crazy on the next outfit for little sister!  She's wearing a Starlite Dress, but it's hacked to have only tulle layers on the bottom with no lining, and blue velvet on the top.  She's wearing some Rocky Shore Tights underneath in Mystic Mountain Nebula tie dye print from the Project Night & Day fabric collection.  Finally, she's wearing a really special Constellation Collar...let's take a closer look at it:

We used gray chambray fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics, black ribbon ties, and some star bead trim hand sewn along the edges!  OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

Nightwear patterns for children

For their final number, they got all dressed up!

Sunset Shirt

For his final outfit, he is wearing a new Sunset Shirt made with from black linen.  And it's paired with some Zealand Zip Off pants in khaki.  Finally, he's wearing an Outer Space Bow Tie made from Galaxy in Mars Red fabric from the Project Night & Day fabric collection!  Snazzy to the moon and back!

Celestial Dress

Little Sister's final number is a Celestial Dress in swiss dot air flow fabric from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  This one has flower rosette trim on the neckline and princess seams.  If you've been wondering if you should buy some of that new air flow fabric, the answer is yes!  You're welcome.  She's styled this dress with her big sister's red satin Little Dipper Bag, and a new red satin Rain(bow) in her hair!

Hair Bow pattern

Here's a closer look at that Rain(bow) has some of the Project Night and Day embroidery designs on the tails!  Such a pretty touch!

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