Friday, January 21, 2011

Reader Feature- Leila and Ben Challenge

This week we had so many cute creations from you guys! Thanks for contributing!

This first one is from Caroline of Sew Together, and man, did she put her own spin on it! I wouldn't have even known it was the same pattern!
I love the neckline! So sweet!

This one was from Sarah of 2 Giggle Boxes. I loved her color choices and flower accent!

Thanks for sharing guys! Even if you make something after the reader feature, don't be afraid to submit it in the comments! I may feature it in future weeks! 

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  1. oh, i didn't know you were doing reader features... here are a couple of mine:

    i repurposed a man's white dress shirt & added 3 ruffles down the front:

    then i repurposed a white eyelet sundress:

  2. I was just wondering if it makes it hard on your contestants when you post so many (with the gal that made 40) different styles. What if
    someone did one similar to theirs. Maybe the non contestestant photos should come come after the contestants. Or maybe it is just me that thinks that. Love all the idea's however.

  3. Thanks for your concern! I had wondered about that too. None of the designers have mentioned this to me- and I think it's ok. The designers have known the themes since Christmas and have been planning their designs for quite a while. I have seen almost all of theirs already and trust me, each of them put their own spin on it. ;)


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