Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Results and Finale Week

The winner of this week's Valentine's themed challenge is...

Katy's Chocolate Delivery! Great job Katy!

It was such a close week (maybe the closest so far), and sadly, we have to say goodbye to Lindsay. Thanks for all the great inspiration Lindsay! You'll be missed!

For finale week, there will be no theme. Our final three designers have been asked to create a signature look, including accessories if they wish. I can't wait to see what they come up with! Be sure to check back all week as I have lots of guest posts and a few giveaways lined up!

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  1. Lindsay, I have 3 little girls and love your designs! I will be following your site for more ideas :)

  2. We'll miss Lindsay! But I'm excited to see the final ladies' signature look.

  3. Awwwww, thanks ladies! I had a blast with this project and am so thankful to have made it as far as I did. Thanks for your sweet words and support!!


  4. I am soooo excited for this last round, it will be really cool to see what comes up! I wish all the designers could have made it through, but I guess it wouldn't be much of a contest then ;)

  5. Every single project is so inspiring! I'll miss your entries and your cute daughter's face, Lindsay!!! Looking forward to the final projects!

  6. Looking forward to the next challenge!

  7. Congrats Katy--amazing, as always!

    Lindsay, you did such an amazing job with all of your projects!

  8. My final submission - boo!!! I am going to miss not having my weekly inspiration :(



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