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Week 1 Designs- Back to School

Wow! These designers really started this competition off right! Check out these adorable looks!

Jessica G's Fancy Shapes-

With my daughter starting Kindergarten, I have been focusing on Back to School themes a lot lately! When creating this look, I was thinking 'Shapes', and decided to utilize circles, rectangles, squares and lines. Using rectangle strips to create the squares that make up the skirt fabric pattern, I then made a perfectly fitting layered circle skirt with a showing lace zipper. To compliment this color block look, I then made the turquoise shrug with the line around the bottom, ending with the bow closure. Lastly, I made a line of circle bags - including a backpack and lunch bag, with the embroidered note inside to send my daughter off with a little extra love. The end result is something that not only I love, but more importantly my daughter loves, and I know will get a lot of use this year!


Alida's Cutest in Class-

This challenge was a no-brainer. My children go to a school that requires a uniform, and ever since I first read the uniform dress code I have been plotting. How much can I push the envelope without getting a phone call? Maybe it's the rebel in me :-) I wanted to create a uniform with a girly flair so I made a two-tiered skirt with fluffly layers and a white shirt with puff sleeves. Charlotte is always getting cold so she loves to wear layers. I think the ruffly leg warmers add the perfect touch of girly whimsy to the outfit. The rule book does not mention leg warmers, but if they are forbidden she can always take them off!

The hat is hand-crocheted by a friend of mine, and if you look closely at the flower you can see it's actually not a flower at all but the top of a cupcake! See the cherry on top? So sweet.
The best part? Everything is either repurposed hand-me-downs or scraps leftover from other projects. So it cost me nothing! Visit my blog at I Make Stuff for more photos!

Leisel's Jazzed Up Uniform-

when i think 'back-school', my first thought is 'uniforms', since my girls are required to wear uniforms to their school. of course, uniforms are not very fashion forward.  To jazz it up a bit, i added some sweet and some funky to create a fun school-y combination.

the plaid skirt is pleated, piped and buttoned, with some cute suspenders sewn right on.


underneath is two layers of pettiskirts, one is nylon chiffon to give some fullness and a pop of color. the other is made with raw edged black muslin, giving a more deconstructed look.

top it off with some funky leg warmers made from women's long socks and lots of colorful bracelets and you have complete look.

Simple Simon's Modern Dick and Jane-

If there is one thing that Liz and I love, it is vintage mixed with modern. When we were talking about this first theme and what we wanted to make, Liz said something to the effect of "what would Dick and Jane wear back to school?" and the idea was born. So here is our version of what Dick and Jane would wear back to school this year.

The dress is a chocolate brown fitted bodice with a full gathered skirt and sash that is perfect for twirling. I made some flutter sleeves on the dress that I will show you how to do on our blog next week.

I also made an orange polka-dotted coat to match her dress. The great thing about the jacket is that it is made from the same pattern that I made up for the dress, just turned backwards. It has a fitted top like the dress and a full gathered skirt with three buttons up the front so her dress can peek out below. It also has a piped peter pan collar (I seriously have a problem when it comes to peter pan collars....I really love them) and white cuffs with a bit of bias tape trim and bow around the middle.

Our boy's outfit is a white sewn poplin shirt, a coordinating orange tie and some oatmeal-colored knickers as his school trousers. (I love knickers on little boys....they are just so cute.) You can head over to our blog to see a few more pictures of our "Dick and Jane" and a few more details about each outfit.

This was a fun challenge! (And trust us....certain parts of these outfits were challenges--the shirt placket, and the lining of coat were giving us fits this time.) But challenges are good...especially when they eventually turn out (even if takes a great deal of unpicking..:)

Thanks Project Run and Play!
Liz and Elizabeth

iCandy's Uniform Done Right-

When I first began thinking about this challenge, I was a bit stumped.  All I could picture was jeans and t-shirts and a big Hello Kitty (or other character) backpack.  But I kept on thinking and thinking, and finally my idea came to me...

A variation of the school uniform. With a backpack, of course!

In my world, this is what a school uniform should look like.  Since I am obsessed with stripes, that was my first requirement for the skirt.  As I sketched out the skirt, I wanted a preppy-ish top to go with it, and love the tie- front blouse trend.

Of course, the outfit needed a bit of a pop, so I created a cardigan, inspired by a crew cuts sweater. 
 I love the ombre trend as well, so I hand-dyed some knit jersey in varying shades of turquoise to create that effect.

As for my backpack, I laminated each piece of fabric with iron-on clear vinyl.  It was a bit painstaking, but I love how it turned out!  I used some of the fabric from the backpack for the buttons on the skirt and cardi.
To see more pictures and details, come on by and visit us! iCandy handmade

 Jessica F's Fall Transition Outfit-

School has begun and fall is approaching so it's time to start thinking about the fall wardrobe.

Here in Florida as it begins to get cooler, the middle of the day is still pretty warm. So I designed an outfit for my daughter that could accommodate that type of weather. The jacket provides warmth during the mornings/nights but then can be taken off for the warmer afternoons. I also wanted it to have an Anthropologie feel, making it a little more mature.

I made a simple tank top out of knit fabric, paper bag waist pants with a fun belt, and a linen jacket (my favorite piece!). Head on over to the blog for more pics of this outfit and details.

Nicole's Kindergarten Ruffle Pants-

This is Ella's first year of Kindergarten which means getting the girl used to wearing pants. My daughter wants to live in skirts and dresses, but pants are so much more practical for back to school activities, like sitting criss-cross-applesauce, P.E., and playing on the playground.

What better way to convince her to love her pants than to girly them up with some ruffles, rouching, appliques, and pockets- of course.

Back to school also means layering. I remember being so freezing in class when it was hot outside. That's what inspired the vest with matching owl applique and hand made bias.

See how I make yards of bias tape with only a fat quarter and more of this back to school outfit on my blog-

Alexis's Adorable Mismatch-

Hello Project Run and Play fans! I'm so thrilled to be here. I had two things in mind for this back to school outfit. 1. My kids are always mismatched- stripes on polkadots with all sorts of off colors and prints. It's what I love about them. So I wanted this outfit to reflect that sort of childish combination. 2. I don't know about you, but when my kids start school, it's still warm, actually probably our warmest months. So I didn't want to make an outfit too fall weathered, I wanted it to be more transitional pieces. That being said, here's how we do back to school.

The top has a pleated bodice and goes to a v in the back with several small pleats to create some movement towards the bottom. I'd have Bel wear this over a long sleeve shirt in the winter.

For the shorts, I did a brown linen in a sort of paige boy style with oversized pockets and tabs at the leg band. The pink buttons feminize it. We happen to love shorts and tights in the winter, maybe paired with some boots, so I knew the brown would transition great into the Fall and Winter months. Then to top it off, a frivolous headband.

I hope you've all enjoyed our back to school look! Come on over to Made By Lex and I"ll show you some more details of this look and some tips on creating your own.

Aren't they amazing?? Have fun voting everyone!

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    Since this post was about Back to School dress, i would like to share the Back to School Dress made for my Daughter, if you happen to like, you can make one for your own tiny tots, coz i have a tutorial on how to do that as well! check it out!

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    OH NO I have five daughters and now I am simply going to HAVE to make them each a jacket! Thanks a LOT!

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