Friday, October 7, 2011

Week Six- Signature Look

Well, here we are at the finale! The designers have put so much in to this whole competition so be sure to head over to their blogs and show them some love. I have been so impressed every week and it has been so wonderful to watch!

Alida's Sweet Child of Mine

When thinking about my signature style I came to a realization: I love everything. I love modern, vintage, bright color and muted, over-the-top and understated. It's so hard for me to pinpoint my 'style'. So I decided the best thing to do would be to think about my fashion priorities when it comes to children's clothing. First and foremost I think children should look like children, not mini-adults. Their clothing needs to be fun, colorful, and a little wacky (just like they are!) Because I love bold colors and patterns and mixing them up I decided to go with layers of bold but modern patterns. The back of the shirt has a fun keyhole detail with a fabric-covered button (which I'm sort of addicted to lately).

Second, I feel like children's clothes have to be COMFORTABLE. No matter how good it looks if your child hates wearing it neither of you are going to be happy. I used this super soft and stretchy knit for the shirt and then embellished it. Because I thought regular buttons would be too pokey on her chest I chose these felt buttons instead. The skirt has plenty of room for her to move around and play.

Finally, I think children's clothes should be versatile. That is why I chose to make a knit shirt and a skirt instead of a dress. The shirt would look great with jeans at the park or with a skirt at church. The skirt has every color of the rainbow so it can be worn with any solid-colored shirt. I also love how great it looks with a jean jacket, boots and a hat. It can easily be dressed-down or up depending on the occasion. Most importantly, Charlotte loves it. And what more could I really ask?Please visit me at I Make Stuff for more details and photos! Happy voting!

Jessica G.'s Timeless Classics

When coming up with a signature look I really had to think about what my own personal style is, and when it comes down to it - I have always been more of a Timeless Classics kind of gal.If you put me in a fashion store - I head towards Ralph Lauren, regardless of what the latest trends may be. There is just something about spending money on clothes that are made well, fit flawlessly, are chic, classy, and will never go out of style - that just makes me feel good. And in the end that is what fashion is all about to me - wearing what makes you feel good. Our style guru Mr. Lauren sums it up perfectly:“Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” - Ralph Lauren
I have a passion for making two things - dresses and jackets. After creating the Changing Leaves dress for last week's challenge, I thought I would make a jacket for this week's Signature look. With the Autumn Season upon us (Only the best season ever! Lol), I knew a classic corduroy blazer would be PERFECT for this look! To keep it fun for the kids I made oversized arm 'patches' for the sleeves, as well as lined it with a fantastically fun, bright and colorful fabric.To go with the blazer, I made a great pair of perfectly fitting high-waisted wool trousers, fully lined to keep away the itches, with a wide leg bottom. I re-sized an old tunic I had for the shirt, made the braided fringe belt with some velvet rope, and for a pop of color made the knot headband with a contemporary fabric.For the Photo Shoot we headed on off to the horse ranch near us, after all - nothing says Polo like horses! Unfortunately, I couldn't get anywhere near them as I had all three kids in tow for this Shoot. It all worked out though, Chloe was able to look at them while I took the photos...and choose her favorite one to ask for as her Christmas present this year - do all kids want a pony? Lol For more photos from this Shoot, as well as more detailed shots of the clothes, head on over to Me Sew Crazy. I hope you like it!

Simple Simon's Tulle Cute
Anybody who knows us, knows that our favorite thing to do is to make vintage look modern. So, for our final looks, it seemed only logical to us to combine our girls' love for all things fancy, and our love of vintagely modern.
Grace's dress is designed after a classic Shirley Temple dress, which fits her personality. The dress is made of white cotton and yards of swiss dot tulle with black bias tape around the hem. A rounded collar with a tulle overlay and puffed sleeves complete her look.
Each of the girls has a handmade "hoop skirt" under their dress to give it some extra fluffiness. The girls also have handmade ribbon wrist corsages and headbands to match. You can head over to Simple Simon to see more pictures.
Hannah's dress was designed to mimic a 50's style prom dress, but made to fit a little girl. The inspiration for this dress came from some handmade doll clothes that my grandma made for her girls, that my sister and I LOVED to play with. And my favorite dress of Sweet Sue doll was a black and pink tulle dress. So, that's what I made.
The dress is a fitted bodice with a collar, vintage buttons and capped sleeves. The skirt of the dress is 10 yards of hand-pleated tulle that was sewn on in rows, and started making me seeing stars after a while :) She also has a handmade black satin stole to cover her shoulders.
After six weeks of tulle, feathers, fabric and more; we have made a big huge mess...but have had lots of fun in the process. Unfortunately, it's time to say goodbye to Project Run and Play and hello to Project Clean-Our-Spaces! Thanks everyone!

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  1. wow they are all fabulous! great job ladies:)

  2. Tough choice, good luck to all of you ladies!

  3. I cannot believe the talent in this competition. Especially this last round, you all made it SOOO hard to vote (I almost just left the site without voting, it was THAT hard!) Great job ladies!

  4. They all look lovely! I love the last one especially!

    Talking of signature looks, how about Traditional Indian Saree on a little girl, yes that's what i made for my 4 yr 11 month old daughter as one out of her 9 new dress for Navarathri.

  5. Simple Simon's Tulle Cute is by far my favorite!

    It's perfect!!!

    good job everyone!


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