Friday, November 18, 2011

Sewing Children's Clothing--Linky PARTY!

Party!  Pizza Party! (That is what came to my mind as I started typing party...anyone remember that 80's commercial....ok...someone please say yes so I don't feel so old.)

Moving on,

Every Friday that there is not a competition on will be hosting a WEEKLY PARTY Friday! It will be a party based on kid's clothes that you have recently made.  They can be refasioned, embellished, sewn, knitted, or crocheted....but they have to be something.....

#1 YOU MADE (please don't link to round ups or pinterest) and it has to be

The linky party begins today and ends Sunday night.
{We are trying not to have to delete any links so please just keep it to kid's clothes that you have made.  Thanks.}

Ok let's get going!

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  1. hmmm.... which one to post? Ahh, I know! The most complicated project I've done in a while-- Butterick 7637 from about 1932! My adorable model (and I'm sooooo biased) is my three-year-old niece. Her nickname is Little Bit, and as soon as I get past the coat project that's currently kicking my butt, I'll be making her some winter corduroy dresses! (I make lots of dresses for her for church because she's about a foot taller than other kids her age, so RTW is hard!)

  2. This is a great idea chickadees! Thanks for hosting the party.... (and sadly I don't remember that commercial)

  3. I remember that commercial. That's all.

  4. Thanks Mrs. least someone is with me :)

  5. This link tool is amazing!! Thanks for giving us a place to share our things!

  6. I just linked....I hope that is okay?
    Thank you!

  7. Oh jeez. Like I need one more project to add to my list. Not sure if I shouldn't even click through on these!


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