Thursday, December 1, 2011

Project Run and Play is COMING!!!!!

All right everyone!  The day has come.  Liz and I have been working furiously behind the scenes and we are ready to announce that another season of Project Run and Play will begin January 2, 2012 (it's weird typing 2012--where did 2011 go?) YAYYY!  We have been up many a late night getting things ready and are so excited that it is finally time to announce it.

We have the judges, we have the designers (which you will meet soon) and we have the themes so we are ready to go.

And, now we need you!  As part of this season, we are going to have a "Sew Along" contest for all of you.  We have some super generous sponsors that have donated some amazingly fantastic prizes....and YOU will have the chance to win.  So, get your sewing machines oiled up and ready.....(or on your list for Santa) because it really is going to be fun ride!

Here is how the weekly "Sew Along" will work....

On Monday mornings each week's theme will be announced.  You will have 4 days to sew (and can totally do it!) an outfit related to the theme and upload a picture to the Flickr account.  The deadline for the sew-along pictures will be each Friday morning at 8am (pacific time).  Our lovely judges (we have new judges for this portion who you will LOVE) will then award points to their three favorite designs; 3 points for their favorite, 2 for their second choice and 1 point for their 3rd choice.  The "Sew Along" reader with the most points wins a weekly prize....and their design will be spotlighted here at PR&P.

A couple of rules for the "Sew Along."  Number one, it has to be a new design.  Really.  So, you do have to sew it in 4 days.  (It's a good thing...your cutie will have a new outfit by week's end...and you will fall in love with sewing for a few minutes every day again.) And secondly, it has to be your own work.  For the "Sew Along" challenge, we are allowing you to use patterns, but you must give credit to the pattern maker in the description section on Flickr.

{And just to be extra nice we are giving you the first theme be on the lookout for that.....coming.....soon!}

Another question answered.  We have had quite a few emails asking if we are going to have open auditions for future seasons of PR&P.  Our answer is YES!  But, when discussing it for this next season, we felt like we were so short on time that it just wouldn't be possible.  So, please, please, please join us for the "Sew Along" this season and know that we will have some sort of open audition process for future seasons!

Did I mention how excited we are? 

It really is going to be good.  Wait until you meet our lovely designers.....

P.S.  Tomorrow is another weekly sewing hopefully you have been sewing and want to show us all your kid clothes' projects!  {I can't wait to see what you have been doing!}

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  1. Oh my gosh! I am so EXCITED for this!

  2. This is very exciting. I love PR&P! I do have one request for the sew alongs, going forward for next season - can you include a weekend? I work full-time away from the home and sometimes it is just not possible to get to the sewing machine during the week. Announcing on Monday morning and having it due Friday morning really seems to be catering to those that don't work full-time outside of the home. ;-)

  3. oh geez this is going to be fun! your post has totally gotten me exctied for this:)

  4. I'll be watching, but I'm not a designer at all. I'm a seamstress. I'm fantastic as changing patterns to get what I want, and tweaking them for fit and such, but I have no clue how to start from absolute scratch.

  5. I'm with RC, would love to join in the sew along, but working full time it just doesn't seem possible unless I entirely forgo sleep. Excited for the new start, though!

  6. Yea for more project run & play! I'm excited to cheer on the contestants for another fun season! The "sew along" sounds fun too! :)

  7. RC and brenna,

    For the next season we'll see what we can do...but if you have a bit of time...we would love to see some smaller scale projects in the Flickr group too!

  8. How exciting!! Sounds like you have some great things coming up

  9. LOOOOOVE the sewalong idea, but i'd love a weekend included too. even if you just announce the new theme on friday and start showing contestant projects on monday through the next week, then maybe the sewalong roundup the next friday (and announcement of new theme)? just a thought - since we're not competing, giving us a couple extra days would be great...anyway, can't wait to join in as much as i can no matter how you structure it!

  10. So excited to join the "Sew Along"!!! ~Stephanie


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