Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Late Thursday Night Which Means...I'm Watching Project Runway!

So before this weeks episode started I watched the last few minutes of last week's and it made me think of two things....#1---No matter how awesome of a designer or a seamstress you are, fabric choices can make or break you AND #2.  I really do want to go to Mood.  I've never really thought about it until last week and now I'm like I TOTALLY HAVE TO GO THERE!!!!

Actually I've never been to a really large fabric store or market or fabric district.  But one day.... 
Have any of you been to Mood?  Or an awesome fabric mecca?  If so, do tell. 
 (That way I can live vicariously through you for a few minutes.)

Ok, back to the show....they are designing for Miss Piggy.  I totally thought I would hate it.  (It sounded so dumb.)  But I think it is really fun---c'mon they are asked to make a "flamboyant cocktail dress". fun would that be? 
The only thing I'm finding a little disappointing is that they aren't as flamboyant as I would have guessed they would be.  They are making something for Miss Piggy---I'm thinking ruffles and feathers and bright colors and crazy hair pieces...It's a chance to go hog wild (no pun intended)...Possibly I'm just too over the top.

What do you think?
Oh---and in other news is anyone watching 24 Hour Catwalk?  I tried to watch but didn't love it---was it the dark lighting? do we just not get enough time to like/hate contestants? am I just spoiled by Project Runway?  Am I crazy?

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  1. My husband totally took me to Mood last year as a surprise! He had a meeting up in New York (a 5 hour drive from us)and then one in Philly, so he asked if the kids and I wanted to go too so the kids could see the city. Before his meeting he said we should tour around the city and he "accidentally" managed to end up in the fabric district at Mood.

    It has a lot of fabric and notions, and the prices aren't terrible (but also still not cheap by any stretch of the imagination.) Most major fabric districts in my experience are the same (Since I have an Air Force husband I've been to LA, Philly, NYC, Paris, and London's fabric district so I've seen a little variety) Lots of the same cheap bad fabric from one tiny store to the next (with bolts smashed up against the walls)with the occasional total jewel if you dig enough.

    I personally prefer the major stores like Mood in a fabric district because they are more organised and give you the chance to actually see something, and they don't have the huge quantity of the cheap stuff that the little stores have.

    But MY very favorite stores in a fabric district are always the hole in the wall trim stores, you can get stuff for pennies on the dollar, and usually odd stuff that you won't find anywhere else, that's where I spend most of my money when I get the chance!

  2. i think we should all meet at mood for a weekend away. how fun would that be?!

  3. I've been to Mood. It's totally overwhelming - there are four hundred thousand billion fabrics, so it's impossible to find anything, and most of the fabrics are geared towards sewing for adult women. You need to allocate HOURS to browse in Mood, as far as I'm concerned - I've never been able to understand how the PR contestants find what they need in under a HALF AN HOUR. I also found the prices to be rather high. If you're after tulle, animal prints, or charmeuse, it's the place for you, though...

  4. I'd love to go to Mood, also, but so far the best place I've been to is the fabric district in Dallas. There are a ton of fabric warehouses downtown and it's soooo fun. My Mom and I love to go there together.

    I thought the Miss Piggy challenge was fun, too, but I didn't think Michael C should have won. I thought Rami's was so much cuter and I thought that Lila should have gone home. That black and white number was hideous and Jordana's was sweet.

  5. I went to the fabric district in LA. I loved every minute of it. I only wish I hadn't had my 3 kids and the stroller with me. I had no idea how awesome it was going to be so I didn't have any snacks for them. Michael Levine was so fun. My husband even had a good time there and kept showing more fabric I should get! Now we are talking about saving our money and getting back to LA!

  6. My friend picked "iced lemon" as a her bridesmaid dresses, an awful color on someone six feet tall and pale. So in order to get the perfect shade my mom and I "had" to take a trip to Britex in San Francisco. It's not nearly as big as mood sounds, but it's pretty amazing. It's thin and tall, like ninety percent of the buildings in SF. Four floors of wonderful. Floor one was all silks and fancy fabrics. Floor two was cottons and chiffons. Floor three was all notions. Best though, was floor four. Clearance fabric. Lots and lots of clearance fabric. The fabric was pretty pricey for me, but I'm used to shopping the major sales at JoAnn's - hello two dollars a yard! However, there was some seriously mind blowing fabrics there. And, the stairs even had really pretty art prints of fashion sketches.


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