Friday, January 6, 2012

Project Runway---I'm Watching It Right NOW!!!!!

Tonight is the first night of the new season of Project Runway and I almost missed it!!!
Good thing Lifetime airs it twice a night.
Actually, now is the time the time I like to watch's 11:00...everyone is in bed asleep...I have my soda and my chips and salsa...and can spread my pattern cutting all over the family's a little slice of liZ heaven.
Oh shut up...not only is it the all stars (I was hoping for the return of Anthony Ryan---I loved that guy) BUT right now they are running around a 99cent store to get the supplies they need for their project this week!  AWESOME!!! (Anyone who knows Elizabeth and I know that we love to use things from the dollar store.)
I'm totally going to love this episode.
Ok.  Gotta go.  Must watch.
PS---Where is Tim Gunn???   

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  1. I heard through the PR grapevine that he had previous commitments and there was a bit of a time crunch for those involved.

  2. guess i know what im doing at nap time, woo hoo! is it too early to put the kiddos back to bed? great idea to cut out patterns while watching. i usually sew but maybe i should start cutting instead. that way i can get a start on all those patterns i have laying around just waiting to be used. i hate cutting out patterns! i too impatient and sometimes pay for it in the end.

  3. Oh no! I hope my DVR caught it!

  4. It was quite good and my DVR didn't work so I was up watching the 11 pm one too! I miss Tim Gunn, but at least this mentor is better than the one on Project Accessory!

  5. Haha. I fell asleep watching it a didn't get my PR&P post for my blog done. Oops.

  6. It was really hard for me to watch w/o tim gunn, heidi, michael kors and nina garcia..

  7. I was really pumped about this starting, until I started watching. I miss Tim and Heidi and Michael and Nina - it almost seems like a cheap rip off of the original BUT I'll probably keep watching!


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