Friday, January 27, 2012

Project Runway is over and I think I may officially be crazy!

I missed almost the entire first half of Project Runway tonight.  (Dang it!)  But Elizabeth and I were out having a little adventure downtown.  (Thank you nice police officers of
 SLC for taking care of us!)  Actually the entire day was a bit of an adventure---and drama---which brings me to this:

I think I like Austin Scarlett!

I don't mean "like like"(yes I'm still in junior high).  I mean I think I just like him.  I've always just disregarded him as self-centered and boorish and well, drama.  But tonight as I watched the episode I realized that I actually really like him. 
So now I I going crazy?  Was today just too much drama? Has he calmed down? Or am I just starting to appreciate him for the character that he is?  What do you think?  

And as for tonight---I kind of really loved Mondo's cantaloupe dress (and I'd really like to try some cantaloupe gelato).  I thought it was great and he totally had my vote for the win.  But it was Micheal who scored with the judges.  Sure his dress was nicely draped and flowed well but was a weird color for grapefruit.  I KNOW I KNOW things don't need to be literal but his dress would have made more sense if his flavor was like raspberry cheesecake or if he had chosen a different color like a peachy pink or a bold yellow.

Anyways, it's late and I'm tired.  If you missed tonight's episode there is a recap on the Project Runway All Stars Blog.  Unfortunately there aren't a lot of photos but at least you can catch up on what went on.  With that I'm going to bed---if there is anyone else out there who is liking Austin let me know---it will make me feel less crazy.  Thanks.  See you all in the morning.

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  1. yes i like him too! maybe im crazy too though. oh well we can be crazy together. cant wait till naptime to watch, have a great day! oh and do you watch the city? its kinda cheesey but i love all the styles and such...ok, i love the drama too, shh!

  2. I thought I would be way too annoyed with Austin to even watch but I've really been enjoying him and his designs. What's up with that? Glad I'm not the only one. lol.

  3. I completely agree with you on Austin Scarlett. When he was on originally, he drove me CrAzY!!! Then his show with Santino didn't do anything to change my mind. But this series is really making me like him. He seems calmer and less over the top. Maybe I've grown up and am more accepting of people or maybe we've both grown up and he is less annoying. But one thing is for sure, that boy has some serious talent!!!

  4. I have always loved Austin Scarlet. Ever since season 1 he's been one of my favorite designers. I would love it if he won the whole freakin' thing!

  5. You can also watch the episode online on Hulu. We don't have cable, so that is what I always do.

  6. I have to say... Austin was pretty adorable when he was so enamored with Miss Piggy, last week. I may now be a fan. :)

  7. I am rooting for Austin to win. I am friends with his mama and he is from my home town, so he has my vote. But I also love his designs too. Fun!!

  8. I've always loved Austin! I think he is so fun to watch. I want to be friends with him!
    Did you watch the show Austin and Santino???


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