Friday, January 13, 2012

Project Runway Just Ended...but I'm not done with my cake...

It's late, I'm tired.  I've had a very long (but very interesting) day.
Like last week my family is sleeping and I have the TV all to myself.

I just finished watching this weeks episode of Project Runway.
I miss Heidi, Nina, Micheal, and especially Tim.
BUT I'm still enjoying this season and I liked the challenge to create an opera dress.
(I also liked that they chose a dress that they thought was "modest" and "tasteful"
to be the winner this week.)

However, when the episode ended I wasn't done watching.  Maybe it was the fact that I still had some chocolate cake left or maybe I was just enjoying the quiet.  Who knows.  But I ended up heading over to the Project Runway website and found THIS.  (A blog with posts from or about everyone.)

I'm hoping that there is an interview from an all star each week.  I thought it was interesting and totally enjoyed reading it.  If it wasn't so late and if my pillow wasn't calling my name I'd have more to say about what I read, tonight's episode (and last week's for that matter), and the contestants.  But quite frankly I'm exhausted.  (And my cake is gone.)

Until next week---what do you think?  Who are you rooting for?  Do you miss Tim?  What do you think about them designing a dress for Miss Piggy?  Am I the only one who wants to try the 99cent store challenge? 

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  1. i totally miss tim, heidi and the others!! but luckily i am netflixing all of the older episodes that i never watched before. im obsessed with the show and hope someday i can learn how to sew clothes for the kids and myself.

    what kinda cake were you eating? just curious i am left to eating a 40 calorie bar these days:) but i did work on my craft ROOM last night. i cannot wait to set up and get working!!!

  2. I want to try it! I really think you should add it to the challenge. If not the official one, maybe a separate challenge and put a like a $10 limit on it. Contestants would have to show a pic of their receipt along with their creations.

  3. I was kind of wondering if that would be one of the challenges before we started. It would be fun to try next season?

  4. Oh also was it because you were waiting for my boy post that you were up so late? Eeek sorry!

  5. I would really enjoy Project Run&Play having an unconventional materials challenge !


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