Monday, January 23, 2012

Sewing Through the Decades Winners and Outerwear Announcements

Hello Everybody!  Welcome to Week 4 of Project Run and Play Season 3.
It's another Monday (and since you all know the routine) let's get to work.

The Winner of Week 3's Sewing Through the Decade Challenge is Kate with her 1966: Lil' Twiggy inspired outfit.
Isn't is cute?
And for being our weekly winner Kate wins a $25 gift card to The Ribbon Retreat. 
(The Ribbon Retreat is a great online shop that sells not only ribbon but tulle, headbands, trims, etc.  It is so much fun.  If you haven't been over there go check it out.)

As for who we have to say goodbye to (...agghhh....we hate to say it....this is the worst part of our week...seriously...) we have to bid a very fond farewell to Andrea from The Train to Crazy.
Andrea, the creative mind behind The Train to Crazy, amazed us more than once with completing not only 1 but 2 designs for Project Run and Play.  (Remember those amazing outfits from the Pattern Remix Challenge?)  We will not only miss Andrea's mad sewing skills but we will also miss her two darling models as well.  Thank you Andrea for sharing your talent with us.

We continue to be overwhelmed by the projects uploaded to the Flicker group by all of you sewing along at home.  We love the ideas, the fabrics, the projects, the's all so fabulous.  We have often found ourselves calling each other at random times just to point out things that we have seen pop up on the page. 

We know we've said it before but we mean it---you are awesome.  Thank you for playing along with us. We really appreciate it...except that....YOU ARE MAKING THE JUDGING TERRIBLY DIFFICULT!!!!  (Thank you to our 3 judges for the at home portion---Jessica, Alida, and Micalah.  We would never be able to choose a winner between us and so are very happy to be able to turn over such a big decision to such capable women.) All the unique perspectives and variety in taste and style make choosing just one winner nearly impossible however, it makes browsing through the Flicker group an absolute treat.  (Honestly, I don't even want to know how much time I've spent perusing the photos and reading all about them!)

And among all of the goodness this week we have the winner of the At-Home-Sew-Along who is:
Shop Ruby Jean with her "Fabulous 50's" look!
(Wow!  Ruby Jean not only makes beautiful clothes but takes beautiful photos as well.)
Congratulations!  For winning this week you will receive $25 to  (We will be emailing you soon with the details!) 

Now for out last item of business---it's Week 4 and the Challenge for this week is "outerwear"---that's right...coats, jackets, cloaks, snowsuits, ponchos, etc.  We're hoping it's the perfect thing for the post Christmas winter blues.  (Anyone else having those?)
So go, get sewing.  Amaze us.  You haven't failed us yet.

PS---Last Monday we forgot to announce what our friend Danielle won for creating the winning design for Boys Week.  Danielle will receive a $25 gift bag from Pick Your Plum.
What's Pick Your Plum?  Well, it's a wicked cool craft supply site where you never know what your going to find but where you'll always get a killer deal and then have your goods delivered to you with in a week.  (Seriously, it's pretty cool.  Go check them out.)

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  1. Congratulations! Both designs are amazing!

  2. Beyond adorable! I don't know how you are able to choose a winner, you are right- all of the entries are amazing.

  3. Oh a BIG Congratulations to Kate on her win... Her design is Adorable... And can I just say,"WOW" I am so humbled by this win there have been so many Fabulous entries on the Sewing at Home so to have been chosen is AMAZING!!! Thank yo so much for the Fun as well as the Sweet Compliments... :)

  4. Congratulations to both the winners! Ruby Jean, your pictures are beautiful! I desperately need some photography/photoshop lessons


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