Friday, February 24, 2012

Project Runway: In Defense of Kenley

So I haven't been a big fan of Kenley but this week....

Here's the thing.  Recently we've been talking about signature looks and how it's important to define your style and stick to it.  And really who on Project Runway All Stars sticks to her aesthetic more than Kenely?  Seriously.

She knows what she likes.  She knows what she is good at and she sticks to it.  And she is getting A LOT of flack for it.  That's interesting...tonight there was a comment that you could tell it was a Kenley dress from across the, what's wrong with that?  She knows what she's about and works within that aesthetic.  I respect that and I think people should cut her some slack.  (And besides, I really did like her dress tonight.)  My only criticism is that she should be proud and claim her style--own it and defend it---don't act surprised when people point it out.

What do you think? 

Also...I paid a little more attention to Kenley tonight because I realized that we were alike in one respect---At the beginning she said she was glad that she was the last one to choose a flag, that way she didn't have to make the choice---she had to just make the best of what was given to her.  I totally get that.  I totally like being given an assignment and then having to be creative and find how to be myself within those confines.  It's challenging and fun.  Anyone else agree?

Oh HOoraY!!!   I have to go now.   I just saw that coming up next is a Project Runway After the Runway!  I love these...I gotta, get a snack and watch the drama. 

For more Project Runway talk you can go HERE but for now, like I said, I've got to go!

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  1. i have really liked her this year too. her attitude is much better, thus making me like her more. i loved her jacket and the dress from last week, just not together. not too sure if i would wear it in that brocade fabric that she chose, but i loved the design of it. but in all, i think michaels designs are more me. of all the designers i always see myself in his clothes over anyone elses. i dont think they are the most creative and new but they are the most me. but who should be the winner, gosh that is going to be a hard one! cant wait til naptime to watch this weeks episode:)

  2. I feel like most of the big designers (Ralph Lauren, D&G, Prada, come to mind) you can tell it's them. They all have signature pieces. You aren't going to see Ralph Lauren doing black leather with studs and you aren't going to see D&G do demure. The fact that Kenley sticks so much to her aesthetic and designs clothes that she would actually wear says so much more in her favor than against it, I think.

  3. anyone up for a flag challenge?? pick a flag & sew something for your child inspired by that flag... I know which flag I'd pick...

  4. I agree to a certain extent, but I also see where the judges are coming from - if you never push yourself to do something different and outside your comfort zone, how will you ever progress as a designer? I usually like Kenley's dresses, but if you see the same silhouette over and over again, it gets pretty boring...

  5. Kenley makes me crazy. As in, her personality makes me crazy. I get that she has a personal style, that's fine. And her dress was cute. But she doesn't challenge herself much if she just always does exactly what she knows. And also, her personality drives me crazy.

  6. I think a lot of the criticism of Kenley could be applied to any other designer just as easily. They all have their "thing". You know Michael C. is going to have draping. I honestly think Mila is the worst about doing the same thing over and over. I was surprised Joanna didn't say something to Mila about it instead of Kenley this week. It seems strange to come down on Kenley for doing something I think they're all doing, but, to be fair, they got where they are by honing a craft and a skill and an aesthetic that works for them.


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