Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Time to Vote---Here are the Designers Signature Looks

Jessica's (Running With Scissors)--Weekend At Granny's

This final week was a challenge for me to figure out just what is my signature look/ style.
Right away I knew I'd sew for both my kids--they're who I sew for and the majority of my inspiration.
I also knew I'd lean toward a vintage inspired look.
Finally I just picked a few of my favorite things: military influences, tweed, upcyling knits, and some asymmetry all in comfortable, easy to wear, layered separates.

 This week for my daughter Ellaria I sewed head to toe, even making her baby 

The heel patches feature her nickname "elle" and so far are the only shoes we have that stay on her short, fat, feet.  Her shoes are made from gray linen suiting and I hand dyed some twill tape to mimic the contrasting soles.  Moving on to her actual clothes....I used some burgundy vintage tweed to make her a circle skirt and a cropped 3/4 sleeve jacket, with a peplum!  The sleeves and neckline have box-pleats that add some structured feminine detailing.  Her double breasted tee shirt and leggings are a comfortable base for her outfit.
For Rhett, I started with the coat.  I designed a mix of two traditional British coats, the Norfolk which is used for formal shooting attire, and the Duffel which is a WWII naval coat.  Rather than the traditional toggles, I made denim belts and used velcro for closure to make this something he can get on and off himself!  His "Sergeant Tee" is also military inspired with the epaulets and asymmetrical open turtleneck collar.  I also had to throw a kangaroo pouch on there since all little boys need as many pockets as possible.
The trousers are made with a dark olive plaid, and have over sized patch pockets that wrap around the side of the pant.  I spent some time to ensure I pattern matched so the plaid on the patch pockets would line up perfectly with the pants, and added contrasting bias tape to outline these huge pockets. NOTE: A Thomas  train engine can fit in these babies!  There are also rear welt flap pockets on the bum.

As always, more photos and info on my blog!
Running With Scissors
It has been such a blast to be part of Season 3 of Project Run and Play!  I've sewn things I never would have had the guts/ motivation to attempt and it's been such a great experience.  Next I'm out to deep clean my house and try to dig out my sewing space!

Stef's (Girl. Inspired.)--Teatime Signature Look

Sewing is the most fulfilling for me when I’m creating new clothing for my girls to wear for their birthday parties or for dressing up and being fancy.  I don’t work particularly fast and my perfectionism slows me down even more, so it takes a lot of brain power and many hours to finish a new garment.  If I'm putting in the effort, I want the pieces that I sew to compliment the person wearing them, reinforcing that they are unique and special.  Most of my creations would typically be categorized as “special occasion” or “party clothes.”  I use fabrics that I love, or that my girls love and I tend to choose subtle patterns and colors, and classic styles and sewing techniques.  
 Although the clothes are “dressy,” they are not limited in wearability.  I think that we should find reasons to celebrate often and right now, in our house, the surest way to happy is with a pretty dress, some fancy china, a plate of treats, and good company.  We don't save "good" dishes and swirls of frosting for once in a blue moon, and we wear our “party clothes” daily and without hesitation.  The Teatime Signature Look is the perfect attire for dressing up, for tea parties at home with a favorite stuffed friend, for going out to celebrate with someone else, or for throwing on just to feel fancy.  
The Teatime Dress has an empire waist with a longer, gathered skirt and flutter sleeves.  The dress closes in the back with two pearl buttons.  Made from a pretty cotton in floral pastels, this dress epitomizes femininity and softness.  The four, indulgent rows of ruffles around the bottom of the dress are probably the most "signature" component of this ensemble.  I do love ruffles and four layers in varying patterns just makes me really, really happy!  I added a complimentary trim (in green velvet and white lace) to the front of the dress in a single stripe down the center and diagonal stripes that fan in from the shoulders to the high-waist and then back out as they travel down the skirt.  I love the texture and visual interest that the trim provides.  The dress is finished with a coordinating sash.

The Teatime Jacket is made from the softest, swirly synthetic fur you’ve ever seen.  The inside is fully lined and my girls have all taken nonstop turns just crawling into it.  It is really the ultimate in comfort while also looking beautiful.  I made the jacket in a long A-line shape with slightly flared sleeves so that the fur would just drape and flutter all around the little wearer.  I trimmed out the sleeves with a pink crocheted lace, which adds elegance.  Finally, the jacket closes at the center front with a single, large button and a satin loop.  I made the button by stamping and cutting pink clay - this was so easy and so much fun - I see a lot of handmade buttons in my future!!

To accessorize such a pretty, little outfit, I made two fabric hair bows that easily clip into the hair.  The shoes were an incredibly fun makeover, too!  Another pair of hand-me-down scuffed shoes got a nice coat of fresh paint and then I covered them with fabric using Mod Podge.  I decorated them with a fabric ruffle across the top of the toes.  They are so darn cute and they work so well with the dress!  My other girls are begging for new shoes, too!
Thank you so much for including me in this fun adventure.  For PLENTY more pictures and some up-close shots of the details, please visit my blog, girl.Inspired.
Danielle (My Sparkle)--- In the Details

For me, designing and sewing is about so much more than making clothes. It's exhilarating for me to imagine something and then make it come to life! I tend to favor classic silhouettes but love that sewing gives me the opportunity to include special details that are hard to get in mass produced garments. I love using natural fibers, playing with color and pattern, and including simple, meaningful design elements-- ones that serve a purpose. I like making clothes that are comfortable and functional for my children, flattering on their little bodies, and a hopefully a little bit whimsical to boot. When drafting patterns, I try to pay close attention to scale and proportion, and how lines will hit and be most flattering on the body. This is the part I am most excited about and where I spend the majority of my time. Creating beautiful lines is just as important on children as it is on adults and I think tending to this, makes all the difference in the end result.

I started by dying tissue linen just the right shade of blue. I love sewing with linen. Something about the way it drapes and's just beautiful! I drafted a separate yoke and made it one continuous piece so I could embroider it. I freehand sketched some basic flower shapes and kind of adjusted and filled in as I went along. The jacket gathers across the front but not at the sides to keep it feminine but not too bulky, wraps ballet-style, and buttons at the side. I lined it with a super soft cotton voile, that goes with the outfit but isn't too matchy matchy. I love outfits that feel harmonious, but not like a matching set. The dress is sort of a modified gathered circle shape that I cut into 4 panels to create angles where the stripes match up at each seam. I did the same with the bodice. I hemmed the bottom with self made bias tape in a soft dusty plum. I made a little headband out of a cloth napkin, and a few little simple leather bracelets and paired the outfit with some leather boots that my daughter went bananas for (As did I... I want a pair in my size!).

Thanks you for all of your support, nice comments, and for participating in this!  The sweet positive energy I feel from you and my friends in this competition is amazing. I have been inspired watching each week, in awe of what the other girls create. I hope you have been inspired too!
And as always...visit me at my blog for more:

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  10. Oh. My. Freaking. Goodness. I swear, every week I think, "Surely they can't top this." Also, "Surely this week I can spend less time watching 30 Rock reruns and more time being creative like these crazy-talented ladies." And I am proven wrong on both counts. Amazing work, everyone, yet again!

    1. Hahaha. 30 rock reruns. So funny. Just sew while you watch! I have listened to so much tv these past few weeks;)

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    My final vote is going to Danielle from My Sparkle. She has consistently gone far and above the rest with her textile explorations. She has dyed fabric, carved a stamp and printed fabric, quilted fabric and embellished fabric with embroidery. She has an eye for designing with a child and the way children play and move in mind. Her designs are wearable, comfortable, and so, so beautiful. I think she is a true artist.

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