Friday, February 17, 2012

Project Runway---Signature Style

As usual, it's late and I'm tired...
I had all these things I wanted to write about to spark a conversation about the "signature styles" of the current Porject Runway contestants...but like I just said it's late and I'm tired...

Something I've been thinking about his week is why I've liked the designers I've rooted for in the past and who I currently like.  As I thought about it I've realized that who I like best have the strongest sense of self---like Viktor from last season. 

Sure, he was concieted (which was annoying) but the guy could sew and design and I totally loved his work (and his little bow ties).  He knew his strenghts and his style and made the most of them.  Smart guy.

 And as I've mentioned before---Austin, I'm loving him, you always know with him what he's going to make.  He is consistant...big, over the top, theatrical looks.  That's him and he doesn't deviate. I appreciate that.  He knows what he like and he sticks with matter what.

Earlier today I was reading over HERE about Rami.  (I still can't believe he got sent home!)  I loved his style and he was known for his drapery skills---but I didn't know that he designed some of the costumes for Madonna's half-time show at the Super Bowl.  Rami knows fabric and knows how to make it drape and's his thing...and he's good at it and landed a pretty cool deal because of it!  Moral---stick to what is you.

This week has been about exploring, refining, and defining signature looks here at Project Run and Play.  It's a tricky thing...which Project Runway all star do you think has a strong signature style?  Whose style do you like best?

PS--Is it just me or does Mondo have a serious signature 80's vibe?  (I'm not saying that in a bad way..I'm just wondering aloud in my sleepy stooper.)

Oh--and I should have mentioned Kenley and her strong sense of self and her stick to itness of her design aesthetic...but she is kind of bugging me so...I'll just say that you really can always tell which look on the runway is hers. pilow is calling....

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  1. Anthony Mondo and Austin have cohesive style. Still trying to figure mine out! So does kenley but I'm not feeling her vibe, not feeling giant polka dots. i won't insult any other fellow designers on the show but it was time for you know who to go last night. Don't think it was fair to kick Rami off when he was top 3 for sure.

  2. Kenley is a one trick pony in my opinion. I know that she probably has a large fan base that love that look, but I just don't think she's a Project Runway winner. I love lovity love Austin. I aspire to attend a function fancy enough that I would wear one of his designs! Mondo definitely has an 80s vibe, but unlike Kenley it's not costume-y.


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