Friday, February 10, 2012

Project Runway---What is Going ON????

Project Runway is on---I missed the beginning! Dang it! 
 What the heck is going on---the drama and the weird clothes????  Aghhh.  Why don't I have a TV recording thing?  (Maybe because I don't even know what they are called.)

"Sportswear" is it?  And for each of the seasons...ok...but why don't I love anything?
(Am I just grumpy because I've spent the last 3 hours crawling around on the floor drafting crotch patterns?  Yea, that might be it.)

So I'll ask there something I missed?  In my tired, hungry, and cold state did I overlook something awesome?

Oh my are you kidding me???  Rami and Austin are in the bottom two!!!  What is going on here???  I LOVE them both...I should not be typing while watching...oh seriously...Rami is going home? 

I'm so disgruntled...anyone else?

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  1. I was sooooooo afraid that Austin was leaving! But at the same time sad that Rami left! But really, SO afraid for Austin. It was all crazy, and I did NOT love any of the outfits. And I'm getting SO sick of Kenley. Ugh. Michael should have gone. Or actually Jerrell. Both of those hideous coats were awful. Worst. Episode. Ever. Next week makes me think Austin's in danger again. I can't take it anymore!!!

  2. oh geez, i shouldnt read these posts till i watch the show:) naptime today i will.

  3. I'm disgruntled. What were the judges thinking?!

  4. I haven't watched this week but you can watch the episodes online if you're wanting to get caught up. I miss Heidi & Tim ;)

  5. I was terribly confused at the warm reception Kensley (?) got for her atrocious Minnie Mouse onesie.

  6. Kenley's outfit was downright HIDEOUS. Maybe cute on a toddler but a grown woman wouldn't wear that. I hated Kara's outfit. Seen it a million times. She should have gone home. She is not a good designer. I miss Tim and Heidi too!


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