Friday, February 3, 2012

Project Runway----Who do you love?

Last week I said that I thought I was liking Austin Scarlett.  This week I confirmed it.  Actually I kind of love him.  I think it comes down to how involved he gets in his projects.  He totally embraces the challenge (remember his love for Miss Piggy---and how enamoured he was by his "muse" this week?) and then he always goes for it without holding back.  I don't always love his looks BUT I am loving his enthusiasm.

And speaking of love---I've got some Rami love happening as well.  Besides the fact that he seems pretty cool and stays out of drama I respect his style.  Plus the guy has skills.  That shirt he made tonight---AWESOME!!! (I would so wear his clothing.)  He definitely had my vote for best design this week.

I'm also a little sad that April is gone.  I kind of miss her style.  I got a Tim Burton/closet goth vibe from her that I totally dug....probably because I'm a little Burtony closet goth myself.  Anyways....

What I am wondering is who do you like?  I hear there are a lot of Mondo fans.  Is that true?  And what about the girls?  Usually I'm totally rooting for them but this time I feel indifferent.  Why is that?  Tell me what you think and who you like.  I really am interested. 

AND I just saw (I'm a little slow) that you can vote for your favorite look for each episode HERE.  (I know it doesn't really do anything but I feel happy about sending the designers some love.)

Oh...and one more thing...I miss Michael..and since he's not here I will say what everyone is thinking---what's the deal with the black crotch on Mila's grey pants? Not a good idea....

Alright, time for bed.
Will someone please remind me next week NOT to eat nachos while I'm watching Project Runway at midnight?  That is also not a good idea....

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  1. I don't really have a favorite yet (my daughter is like you and loves Austin) But I really don't like Michael C because it always feels like he is "acting" and he's not very good at it, there is just something missing from his sincerity, and I am ready for Kenley to go home because she whines a lot and it's hard for me to hear.... I know neither of those things have to do with design, but I don't ever like Michael C's stuff anyway, and don't get why the judges say he can construct ('cause clearly he can't after tonight if nothing else) and Kenley does the same dresses and shapes over and over again.

    Ha, ha, can you tell we're hardcore in our PR opinions in our house?

  2. I agree with almost everything you said! I miss April, didn't use to like Austin (and don't always like his clothes) but now he's pretty awesome.
    I've always been a Rami fan. His stuff is always so well made and gorgeous. I also love Mondo and feel like he got completely jacked in his season.
    I want to like Kenley, but she always ruins it for me by whining.

    Do you watch 24 Hour Catwalk after PR? That show brings some major laughs.

  3. I LOVE Mondo. I thought he got robbed last season and I would LOVE to see him win the whole sha-bang!

    I REALLY, really dislike Mila. I don't care for her style or her attitude.

    I like Rami, Austin, and Kenley, too, but Mondo is probably my favorite. He's just such a cutie pie.

  4. I am usually a big Mondo fan although I didn't much like his look from last night (It seemed very Saved By The Bell), although I have a huge amount of respect for all the work that went into that jacket. Rami is right up there in my book, he is so talented. I am kind of surprised that Kara is still around, actually I was surprised she was even an allstar, her clothes seem kind of blah. All in all though I am loving the allstar season. I think it is nice to have different judges although I do miss Tim Gunn.

  5. I way too tired to type all my opinions but just had to tell you that I was eating nachos while watching late last night too.

  6. I was digging Rami this week too. Not sure I have a favorite yet. The first season I ever watched was last Season's so I think I am still missing the non-All Stars cast and set-up. I can't seem to get into this one as much. It might just be I hadn't watched any of these people originally...

  7. I've been on the Mondo train since the beginning of his season. I just love the way he looks at things and the way he puts prints and textures together. I also like Rami and Austin and am not crazy about any of the girls. It is funny how overall the fashion is much better than it has been in the past few regular seasons. And it's much more about the fashion rather than the drama.

    Oh, and I really hate everything Jarell makes and want him to go home. I can't believe he didn't this week!


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