Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Trends for Children---Tiered Dresses, More Ruffles, & Color Blocking

Looking through trends for the upcoming spring and summer seasons it's all about the dresses.
This one is one of my favorites.

Gap Kids

But the dresses (and skirts) that seem to be making a real splash this season are those with tiers.
Like this little skirt from Target,

this fun little sun dress from Nordstrom's,

and this outfit from Gymboree.

Another thing we'll be seeing a lot of are more ruffles.  They are everywhere!

On shirts...
(Ralph Lauren)

...on swimsuits...

...on shorts...

...and on jumpers...

However, if your not into tiered dresses or ruffles you can enjoy another popular trend in children's clothing...Color Blocking...which usually makes an appearance on apparel with clean lines and simple, classic shapes.
Examples can be found on swimsuits:
(and I kind of want this one for myself)

loads of skirts,

J Crew)

and dresses in bold colors
(Tommy Hilfiger)

or even more muted tones.
With the arrival of spring fashions now all we need is the spring weather.
But while I wait I'm going to get working on some of those dresses---especially those of the color block variety!

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  1. Oh i love tiers in dresses and skirts and have made many of them for my darling daughter!

    Adithis Amma Sews

  2. the tommy and jcrew ones are my fav and that is so my style if i ever get out of my yoga pants. and my girls will be happy to see more ruffles! they are far from being girly-girls but they love ruffles:)

  3. Colour blocking is something I've never attempted, but it's definitely caught my eye this season, and I think I'll be giving it a try, too.

  4. I love those shorts. My daughter is all girl and she loves ruffles and dresses. My goal this year is to do more sewing. I am very much a beginner. But hoping to try my hand at a dress for my daughter. I have done skirts in the past.

  5. Great picks!! I saw a little swim suit coverup made out of towel material with little ruffles on it at Target and I'm pretty sure I gasped at its cuteness out loud.

  6. Those J Crew shorts! So right! The colour, the ruffles. I can see me, I mean my daughter in them!


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