Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Trends for Children: White

One of the Spring trends that I am already loving this year....is the white trend. I think that white is just so adorable on kids.  Maybe it's the fact that they just look so angelic in white. 

I have always thought white so impractical but in the last couple of years have switched to all white sheets in my house....because they bleach so well.  I may need to start thinking the same way about children's clothing!

Here are some white trends that I found that I think are just so cute, and comfortable but yet so stylish:

First this embroidered white toddler dress from Old Navy.  (And it's even on sale!)  I love the effortless look of it.

And how sweet is this little dress from Julia on Etsy....

or this white ruffle coat from Crewcuts.

Or maybe this Broderie Twirly Skirt from Mini Boden?

 I am also envisioning some white linen sailor pants (maybe long...maybe cropped?) with one pop of color which are going on my sewing to-do list soon.

And not to leave out the boys....

some crisp, white converse. 
Both from Crewcuts.

We'll be talking about a few more trends that we are loving this week....but what Spring Fashions are you looking forward to for your kiddos this Spring?

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  1. i love white on the kiddos and myself. im just looking forward to being able to leave the house without bundling them up. plus i love seeing my girls in dresses yet never put them in one in the winter, so im looking forward to lots of little spring/summer dresses in bright colors and whites, maybe with some some ruffles:)

  2. I love the little white sailor-inspired outfits!! I got the cutest tiniest dress on sale from Pumpkin Patch for my daughter.

  3. I like white and all, but keeping white bottoms white is so difficult. My 6 y.o. has white leggings, and it's a true labor of love keeping those things clean. The knees and "seat" are always dingy.

    I tend to save white for special occasions. Does that sound terrible? Some things just don't wash or bleach well. I don't want to dress her in white and then freak out when stains happen (and it's inevitable). I'm really not anal or obsessive, but I can't stand laundry stains and discolorations. :P

  4. I love white on kids too but I'm with indywriter- I tend to save it for special occasions. :) Oh and I tend to pick out clothes I don't care about/dark clothes for messy occasions.

  5. It's not trendy (yet), but my boys wear casual kurta pajama all spring and summer, including white sets. It does bleach well, and in lightweight cotton with long sleeves & pants it's perfect for our humid, hot Florida weather.


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