Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Project Run and Play Prize Packages for Season 4!

Today we are talking prizes!  Wahooo!!!  Thanks to our lovely sponsors, we have fabric, gifts and prizes in excess of $1500 to give away this season of Project Run and Play!!!!  Doesn't that fact make things a bit more exciting?

Here is what our designers will receive this season:

1st Place Winner will receive:
$159 Sewing Kids Clothes e-course from Whipstitch
$100 gift certificate to Nancy's Notions
$100 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
$89 fabric bundle from Alice Caroline Supply
$75 gift certificate to Custom Couture for sewing labels
$50 gift bag from Havel Sewing filled with sewing notions and sewing tools

2nd Place Winner will receive:
$75 gift bag from Pick Your Plum
$60 fabric bundle from Treasure Bay Fabric
$50 gift certificate to Zipit
$50 gift certificate to Poppy Seed Fabrics
$50 gift bag from Havel Sewing filled with sewing notions and sewing tools

3rd Place Winner will recieve:
$50 gift certificate to Ribbon Retreat
$59 pattern package from Whimsy Couture
$50 gift certificate to Fat Quarter Shop
$50 gift bag from Havel Sewing filled with sewing notions and sewing tools
$25 gift certificate to Peekaboo Pattern Shop

Plus we will have five $25 gift certificates to for our Sew Along Winners!

And last but not least.....last season we couldn't bear to see any designer go home empty-handed so we have changed things up a bit this season.  We will have special parting gifts for our lovely designers who have worked so hard on their projects.  So, no one will go home empty-handed, which is just the way we like it!

Designer Parting Gifts:
$25 gift certificate to Lily Bella
$25 gift certificate to
$25 gift certificate to Little Red Cottage
$25 gift certificate to Beautiful Additions
$25 gift certificate to Skye Reve Fabrics

And then we have our giveaways for all of you....starting tomorrow and every Thursday during the competition!

Phew.  That is a lot of prizes.  And we owe them all to our favorite sponsors who are helping us with this Season of Project Run and Play.  We continue to be surprised and overwhelmed at the response of the sewing community and small sewing shops all over.  They have been so generous!  So, if you are ever in need of  fabric, notions, patterns, ribbons and more (and who isn't?)---please support them!  It would mean a lot.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors, we really couldn't do this without you!

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  1. That prize pack is AMAZING!! I'd better get to sewing!!

  2. When I click on the Custom Couture link it takes me to Alice Caroline Supply Etsy shop.

  3. It's fixed now...thanks for catching that!

  4. That is amazing that you have so much support from the sponsors! Great job, everyone!

  5. I love that you added consolation prizes- I'm finding out as I work my tushy off that every single one of us deserves to win SOMETHING! haha!


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