Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ruffle Stripe Circle Skirt Tutorial

This week our Guest Judge is the lovely Stef from Girl. Inspired. We are so lucky to have her...and even more excited because she knows exactly what the designers are going through!  If you haven't been to Girl. Inspired. you are in for a real treat.  Her projects are beautifully sewn (her stitches are so impressive) and her parties are to die for!  Go there and you will see what I mean...but come back....you don't want to miss her tutorial either ;)

Thanks for joining us this week Stef!

 I can't believe that Season 4 of Project Run and Play has begun!!  The weekly inspiration from the designers and everyone participating in the sew along fuels so much motivation and excitement for sewing for our children, doesn't it?  I am definitely looking forward to learning from this season's designers!!  And did you see the themes for this season?  So much fun!! 

This week, we get to see the Circle Skirt remixed.  Have you made a circle skirt yet?  Dana sure has it right when she says that once you have your pattern made, you can just whip up one after the next.  What I love about circle skirts is that they come together quickly and they drape beautifully.  Today, I'm going to show you a simple variation of Dana's Circle Skirt pattern.  By layering two fabrics and cutting the circle open, you can make a quick wrap skirt that is fully reversible.  I, of course, added a ruffle along one edge for a little extra something.
So, let's get started.  Make a circle skirt pattern by following Dana's instructions. When factoring the length measurement, please note that you will not be adding a waistband. However, you will be sewing a seam around the top and bottom, which will shave off some of the length.  Cut two circles according to your pattern, using coordinating fabrics.  Open the circles by cutting a straight line from the outer edge straight through to the center circle. 
Place the first circle right side up and stack the coordinating circle face down on top, lining up the cut edge and inner/outer perimeters.  Pin together.
Leaving a small opening (approximately 3") along the waistline edge, stitch around the waistline, down one of the cut "side" edges, and all the way around the bottom perimeter of the skirt.  If you wish to add a ruffle along the other "side," leave it open.  If not, go ahead and sew up that side now, too.  Trim seam allowances.  (I like to use pinking shears to trim curves; it eliminates the need to do a bunch of individual clips around the curves.) 
Next, take a piece of fabric (approximately 2 1/2" wide by twice the length of the skirt), fold the ends under on each side and press the strip in half lengthwise.  Ruffle the strip by sewing a gathering stitch and pulling the bobbin threads or by using a ruffling foot. 
Now, you're going to insert the ruffle into that last open side.  Insert the ruffle into the open seam, matching raw edges and pin in place.  
 Adjust the gathers so that the entire ruffle fits inside the open edge and fills the open seam from top to bottom.  Pin in place.  Sew using a 1/4" seam - be sure that your seam allowance is wide enough to conceal your gathering stitches (or remove your gathering stitches after you've sewn the ruffle in). 

Your two skirt circles should now be completely sewn together, except for the small opening in the waistline.  Turn the skirt right side out by pulling it through the opening.
Press the skirt well.  Topstitch around the skirt, if desired, to close up the waistline opening.  Or, stitch the opening closed by hand if you don't want to topstitch (I didn't.)  We're almost there!  

Now, try the skirt on, tucking one side behind and pulling the other side over and across the front.  Pin at both edges to determine where you will insert snaps (or buttons). 
Put snaps into place.  Buttons could be really fun, too!
Add a little flower brooch accent if you like and send that little girl on her way!  And when she smears chocolate on the skirt, she can just unsnap and flip it right over to the other side.  Gotta love that!

Thanks again for having me, Liz and Elizabeth!!  I cannot tell you all how excited I am to see everyone's designs this week AND this season.  Good luck to each and every designer - this season is going to be incredible!!!

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  1. so cute and love that she used snaps. Im learning fast that im a snap girl, but it seems like everyone loves buttons so much more. but im going to "stay true to myself" and use my snaps. i finished my second dress last night. now to get a good pic of both girls...it will be harder then sewing the dresses im guessing.

  2. VERY cute circle skirt, Stef! Love the ruffle, the snap closure, and the fact that it's reversible! I know my daughter would love it too, so it's going on the "must make" list. :D

  3. Love the ruffle, the snap, and the reversibility! :)


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