Friday, April 20, 2012

Time to Vote! Week #2--Sportswear

Kiki Creates---Knickers & Roses
When I found out that the theme for week 2 was Sportswear, I was so excited. I took to the theme literally, as well as tried to make each piece comfortable, moveable and interchangeable.  The first thing I thought of was making an outfit for a modern, yet vintage golfer.  Growing up, I wore knickers CONSTANTLY..I loved them and wanted to whip some up for my daughter as well in a lightweight fabric that she can wear year round. I love that knickers can be worn in the spring and summer, but also in the fall and winter with socks underneath to cover the leg.  The button detailing on the front and down at the knee pull the colors together. I made a cute knit shirt with sweet pleating detail at the shoulder and a vest with more pleating to top it off.

I finished off the look with a belt that can be worn with so many things (it's always nice to be able to just grab it and throw it on another outfit for an instant pop of color!) and pulled the whole look together with some handmade hair accessories.  I even made some golf shoe look-a-likes with $5 shoes, mod podge and glitter.  My daughter was so excited to wear this outfit, but I think being able to swing around a vintage wooden club may have even topped that!

Swing on by Kiki Creates for more details, photos and a free paper doll outfit to match!

Melly Sews--Two Can Play

For this week's theme I decided my son needed in on the fun, since he was left out of the Circle Skirt Remix, but with sportswear, Two Can Play. I created 5 pieces - polo shirt with woven collar, woven shorts, knit t-shirt with woven trim, woven skort with knit shorts underneath, and kerchief.

Using seersucker (one of my favorite fabrics) and knit allowed me to make comfortable clothes to play in while still focusing on textural details. The polo and shorts feature reverse applique diamonds, with stripes going in contrasting directions, a design detail I also used on the waistband and pockets of the shorts. The t-shirt and skort feature more directional play with stripes, with the main skirt stripes vertical while the stripes of the faux wrap go up and around. Her outfit also features pleated trim on which I made sure to match up the stripes perfectly across the pleats. Finally, I made a kerchief to keep hair out of my little model's eyes, and we set the two kids loose in the park to put these clothes through their paces. Come check out more photos on my blog, Melly Sews.

Sew Together's--Lazy Daisy Summer Days

This week we are celebrating the last of the long, hot summer days in Sydney.  For Lizzy, we have created a collection of separates in cool natural fibres – cotton and linen that can take her from the park to a playmate's birthday party. We chose the colours of watermelon and lime – cool and fresh for hot days. Indigo linen for the pants is as practical as denim, but much cooler to wear.

The jacket has an open front, puffed sleeves and a double collar.  While it's very pretty (a must for Lizzy) it also keeps her protected from the burning Sydney sun (a must for her mum!)  When the heat becomes unbearable, Lizzy can head for the shade, take off her jacket and cool off in her sleeveless cotton tank. The jacket and the tank feature hand embroidered-button-medallions' of lazy daisy stitch and French knots. Both pieces are finished with lots of backstitch to highlight the outfit's design features.

The pants feature a narrow leg and cuff, button tabs and a grosgrain ribbon belt.  While they are quite tailored, the elastic back makes them comfortable and they are roomy enough to run and play! 

For more pictures and information about our "Lazy Daisy Summer Days" outfit, pop over and say hello at Sew Together.

PS – We also made the quilt!

A Little Gray--Howl at the Moon

When I heard there was a sportswear challenge, I knew right away that I'd be sewing for my boy Hendrix. I LOVE sewing for boys. I really went back and forth about what to do, but in the end I just went for hi-I-have-the-cutest-kid-at-the-playground clothes. I love the neon colors trend right now and wanted to stay away from traditional boy colors and prints. So I went hunting for cute boy knits in an unlikely place- women's clearance at Old Navy. This hooded raglan tee is made from two shirts I found there, and embellished with a howling wolf I hand-embroidered with black perle cotton.

I took the design for the wolf straight off of this really interesting Ikea fabric I used to make a retro-style round duffle bag. The punch of yellow piping adds even more neon, and picks up on the contrasting double topstitching I did on the pants. I made them ankle length with button tabs, six pairs of pockets, pocket flaps, a faux fly, and a stripe of aqua and teal. The main fabric is yarn-dyed Essex linen in denim blue, and it has the most perfect texture. With his aqua sneakers and cool aviators, Hendrix is ready for some seriously stylish play time. 

Come over to A Little Gray for more pictures from this super-fun shoot! 

JCasa Handmade--Old Fashioned Girl
PRPwk2 01 JCASA 500

our old-fashioned girls wear a lot of linen - it's simple, natural, and makes a terrific blank canvas for sewing, needlework, and even printing.  i especially love that linen lasts forever, growing softer + stronger wash after wash.  plus, linen never looks truly messed-up because by its nature, linen wrinkles.  (as do we all, my friends.)  i also love the idea of making pieces that transition - for instance, this could be a playdress for a younger child, and later be worn as shown here as a tunic with leggings.  looking over the precipice into the great beyond of all things sewing-related, i decided to narrow my focus this week on attempting a few new-to-me techniques to create a sportswear look with details true to our style.  i started* with my girly dress tutorial choosing a sweet vintage feedsack for the top and 100% linen for the bottom.  i am seriously crushing on crochet lately, having learned to crochet granny squares only a few weeks ago, so i came up with idea of creating a scalloped edge along the hemline using organic cottons from my yarn stash - the tones graduate from cream to deep charcoal to create an ombre feel.  i added blanket-stiching to the neckline as well, and used that to incorporate a single crochet chain + tie closure.

PRPwk2 02 JCASA 500

the capri leggings are my inaugural attempt at sewing with knits, and i am thrilled that Project Run & Play has pushed me to try new things.  i have been scared to sew with knits because i thought one needed a serger (which i don't have) - but i figured it would be fun to try anyway, and the result exceeds my expectations.  i created a little ribbing detail at the bottom of the leggings inspired by an image in a Japanese craft book, and then used fold-over elastic (also new to me) for the waistband.  both pieces can be dressed up or down, worn as separates or together, and incorporate simple tricks that turn something ordinary into something special.
PRPwk2 03 JCASA 500

*truth be told, my first attempt for this challenge was a complete design fail.  on tuesday night, i quite literally cut off the bodice, turned the piece upside down and started over, followed my inspiration to crochet the edging, and fully embraced our old-fashionedness.  visit JCasa Handmade for the skinny, as well as see inspiration + details. xoxo

I Still Love You (ISLY)'s--Pen's Out & Aboutfit

 I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this challenge. I love making wearable, practical clothing for Penelope in colors that I know I wouldn't see in stores. One of Penelope's preschool teachers constantly tells me that she is the girliest tomboy that she knows, so I thought I'd run with that theme. The raglan tee in general reads more masculine, so I paired that with a floral. I also made her little chambray shorts with a mini blue floral cuff, and again mixed the masculine and feminine.

 I was planning on making her shoes, and I had the perfect leather to do so, but time got away from me, so I made this little leather tote and lined it with a mini floral lawn. The leather used is such a buttery color with soft, soft texture. I need to make a tote for me with it! She definitely needed a little headband to go with, so I whipped one up.


I didn't want the front of Penelope's shorts to have any bunching, so I made an elastic casing along the back of the waist. The length of the shorts are a bit longer than I envisioned in my original sketch, but I do like how the fit will accommodate her growth over the summer. I found stretchy teal lace yardage that I thought would make the perfect feminine touch for Penelope. I made them into little trouser socks. These socks will be great for both summer and winter. I love how they look peeking out of her boots and scrunched up at her ankles. For more inspiration and details on this outfit, please check out I Still Love You.

CP's--Hopscotch Romper

Presenting... the Hopscotch Romper! For children's sportswear I instantly thought of recess. As a former first grade teacher, I've had my share of recess duty and those kids need to be able to swing, slide, climb monkey bars, and play tag (or hopscotch) without worrying about their clothes. And if you can combine comfort with style, then that's even better!

I'm a sucker for a romper. They are so easy and wearable, and yet they still look dressed up. For example, she could comfortably wear this Hopscotch Romper to the park and then add a big beaded necklace and look all dressed up for a friend's birthday party (it is definitely multi-purpose!). I made the romper out of a Michael Miller interlock knit fabric. If we are talking sportswear for children, it has got to be knit! This knit specifically is incredibly soft and high quality. It is nice and stretchy, but it keeps it's shape.
The romper itself features a peter pan collar, sleeve and leg cuffs, a button band, and two little pockets, all trimmed with a fun mini pom-pom trim. I added an encased drawstring waist that really gives the whole thing a perfectly comfortable fit. I love to mix vintage elements with modern style and fall somewhere in between. I could see this being worn by a little girl playing hopscotch back in the sixties just as well as I can see it being worn today. Check out all the details and see this romper in action over at my blog!

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  2. The site is pretty busy right now...try refreshing your screen and seeing if it will come back. Or you might try changing your browser, that can help too!

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