Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guest judge--Char from Crap I've Made

Today we have one of our most favorite people in all of blogdom---Char from Crap I've Made---who will be sharing ways that movies have influenced her fashion sense.
Man, do I ever love this girl...

Hey there! I’m Char from Crap I’ve Made. I was super excited to be asked to be a guest judge here on PR&P, until I realized something:
The theme is movies and I don’t actually watch movies.
No, really. The last non-kid movie I saw in a theater was the first time Pierce Brosnan was James Bond, and I didn’t have any kids then, so it must have been last century.
So, I was going to have to dig deep. I came up with five movies where the fashion has inspired(?) me for one reason or another. In no particular order…

#1: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
I think this is where my love of the bow tie originated. It may have also been William Cornell Jr (or was it William Cornell III?) aka “Bowtie Willie” in my 4th grade class, who wore a bowtie to school regularly. For purposes of this post, we’re going with Pee Wee Herman. Open-mouthed smile
A few years back, I even went so far as to make all 3 of my boys coordinating ones to wear to church on the 4th of July. I like this pattern.
And lest you think my daughter won’t need therapy, she had a matching skirt.
 Skirt tutorial here.
Which brings me to my next movie inspiration…

#2: The Sound of Music
This is my favorite movie of all time, so it HAD to make the list. More specifically, the clothes made out of curtains had to make the list.
The first reason is for their matchy matchy goodness. I’m one of those dorks that dresses her kids alike, especially on Easter.
Exhibit A, where I even borrowed another kid to maximize the matching:
I blame the Von Trapps.
The 2nd inspiration from The Sound of Music is my love of damask. Is it just me, or does that green and white pillow look strangely like Fraulein Maria’s curtains?
And the third inspiration I’ve taken from the Sound of Music is to look for awesome fabric in unexpected places. I’ve often made curtains from sheets or pillows from curtains. I even made a skirt from a silk curtain panel for a neighbor a few years back.

#3: Footloose
Everyone needs a pair of red boots.
‘Nuff said.

#4: Dirty Dancing
In junior high I busted out my mom's good scissors and did this to every single pair of pants I owned.
I’m sure my mother LOVED that the next fall when I didn’t own any full length pants.

#5: Pretty In Pink
In addition to Molly Ringwald starting my love affair with red hair (which led to an unfortunate incident with a shade of home hair color called Ronald McDonald terracotta), I remember seeing this movie and NEEDING to learn to sew.


Even though I thought her dressed turned out ugly (hope none of the contestants are making a mini version...he he he), the power of the sewing machine was inspiring. I took my first sewing class a few years later and I was hooked.
What movies have inspired you to create? I'd love to hear!

Dang you Char!  Now I'll feel like an idiot posting my Mom and Me Molly Ringwald shoulderlishous dresses!  Just kidding---even if what I make is wierd I would just go right ahead and post it...even if it is inspired by Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure....

What movies have inspired your fashion choices?

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  1. Hilarious! I always wondered how Maria stayed up all night and made 7 outfits!!!

  2. Char-----have I told you lately that I love you?

  3. I was totally, like you know, going to do a Clueless inspired outfit this week but this messy house (ew!) totally harshed my buzz and I didn't get around to it. But don't freak, I'm like totally going to finish it someday. Chao!

  4. i love me some Char! I am so with the matchy matchy kids..can't wait to see what everyone comes up with this week!:)

  5. Gone with the Wind- I love how she makes her dress from drapes, as well.
    Also, Disney's Cinderella- what sewer doesn't love the mice scene???
    Also, Disney's Enchanted- love how she makes her dress out of drapes and then starts her own business!

  6. I love Char, and can only hope to be a good enough friend to make someone else a curtain panel skirt someday!

  7. Ha! shoulderlishous? I love it. Yes, that dress is ugly, but the movie is awesome- her friend who works at the record store has the best style! And Alicia, Clueless was totally on my short list for this week! But I went another way... it would be SO awesome if someone did that. Also LOVE the pee-wee fashion :)


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