Monday, May 7, 2012

Project Run and Play Week #5--Results and Movie-Inspired

Happy Monday everyone!  We hope you all had a fun weekend---that maybe even included a little sewing fit in somewhere with the soccer games, yard work, and grocery shopping.  Did it?  We hope so.
Now onto our usual business...
This week was a real nail biter for us---the combined scores were the closest we've ever had!  (But with everyone creating such beautiful work it shouldn't come as a surprise that the scoring is so close.) 
So after the numbers were all calculated (and recalculated) the winner of the Color Challenge with the highest combined judges scores and number of public votes is:
A Little Gray
Congratulations Jessica!  What a fun look for summer!

And unfortunately after those same scores were totaled the lovely lady that we will have to say goodbye to this week is:
Melly Sews
She will be leaving us with a gift card from Beautiful Additions.    
Thank you Melissa for sharing your talent with us.

As for our sew along group---the judges this week loved
"Postcards from Lavendale by Sew Chibi.
(She made this entire dress out of bias tape!!!!  Can you believe it?  So cool.)
Sew Chibi will receive a $25 gift card from for being this weeks sew along winner.

As for this week---it's all about the movies!  Here's what you do---pick a favorite movie and use it for your inspiration.  You can either choose to recreate an outfit or just use the movie or characters for a springboard for your look. 
  The possibilities are endless and we are more than anxiously waiting to see what everyone comes up with.  So, get sewing!  We can't wait to see what you will make.

PS---We forgot to announce the winner of the Sew Sweet Peanut giveaway so let's do that now.
The winner is
Alicia from the Creative Vault!
Alicia we will be emailing you soon with more information.

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  1. sew chibi must be a little insane... in the best way possible! That dress-- WOW!

  2. No freaking way!! I can't believe I won! I literally gasped out loud. Happy Birthday to me! Thanks so much!

  3. Congrats to Jessica (I want to make every part of that look) and Kat (you seriously amaze me, girl!!). So sorry to see you go, Melissa. Your look had such beautiful detail and I loved the photos in the field.

  4. are SO creative! A true designer. Good Job outfit was so cute and well made! As was yours Melissa! So sad to see you go. The only thing I hate about this competition is that each week we get to see fewer and fewer looks. And they are all AMAZING seriously.

  5. Many thanks everyone! I'm so happy you loved my outfit as much as Az and myself! She's worn it almost everyday since! Yeay!!

  6. gah! i've been soooo excited for this movie challenge week...and now that it's here i'm completely drawing a blank!!! :(


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