Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Because we don't quite know how to thank you.

When Liz and I dreamed up this series, we knew that it would be a good thing -- for us, at least.  We have always wanted to give back through sewing, and we have in little ways.  A skirt here, a dress there, a baby gown here and some fabric dolls there.

But Skirting the Issue has changed us.  Really and truly.  It has shown us that this big, wide world of sewing blogs is fantastic and amazing and just down-right marvelous.  We will remember that each one of you took the time to sew a skirt--with love, kindness and goodness all wrapped up into each one of those handmade stitches.

That is what we will take away from this project.  The mental pictures of each of you sitting in your sewing rooms (or kitchen tables) around the world and taking the time to sew a skirt for someone that you didn't even know.  What an impact!

I haven't been feeling well today (who gets a case of bronchitis in July?) and I just laid down for a few minutes to watch a movie.  So, I turned on the movie The Help.  And every time I watch that movie, and bawl like a baby during the closing credits, I remember that one person can make a difference.

Please know that each of you made a difference to someone.

So, from the bottom of our hearts,  THANK YOU.

Elizabeth & liZ

P.S.  We won't have the final count for skirts yet (you still have until August 10th to upload a photo), but we know that we have already exceeded our goal....so thanks a million times over!

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  1. I've become rather addicted to checking the flickr feed. I love seeing that number go up and I love seeing what everyone is making!


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