Monday, July 23, 2012

Skirting the Isue: Anna from Noodlehead

Today we have Anna from Noodlehead!  (I know, we're excited too!)
Her skills are amazing and her fit and execution are always spot on and....and...we could go on but we'll just stop and say we think she's awesome and we're happy to have her visiting today.

Thanks to Liz and Elizabeth for having me today!  Totally an honor to be a part of the Skirting the Issue, what a wonderful cause.  I'm Anna, my blog is noodlehead.  If you want to stop over you'll find a bit of this and that, I enjoy sewing for my girls, and trying to find the time to be creative.

I made this skirt using my own Vintage Inspired Skirt tutorial that I had made for adults last year.  I had wanted to make one for my girls, so this was a great chance.  The tutorial is based off of waist measurements, so you can really make it for any size!  For Emily's skirt I reduced the height of the waistband pieces to 4".  

I also used button holes and made a couple ribbons instead of using elastic.  It isn't extremely practical, but the ribbons pull the skirt tight and you make a bow with them.  They're inserted into the waistband casing similar to the elastic, stitched into the waistband side seams and then looped out through the button holes in the back waistband.

Love this Heather Ross double gauze fabric I used, it's so soft and makes a great skirt.  The ribbons were made using 3" strips sewn lengthwise and turned right side out.

Thanks so much for having me, Elizabeth and Liz! And thank you everyone for your help and efforts.

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  1. such a cute skirt anna! pinning it now!

  2. lovely skirt, especially in double gauze! that bow in the back is so cute!

  3. So cute! Just need a little girl to sew it for!

  4. Oh that is so cute! Love the fabric and that bow!

  5. @~ko : make some for the foster girls! :-)

  6. Интересный ход - лента не по всему кругу уже по другому смотрится! Красивенько!


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