Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Designers: Kimbo from A Girl and A Glue Gun

hi. i'm Kimbo from a girl and a glue gun

AND i'm totally out of my league here on project run and play!
i'm going to have to let my glue gun cool and dust off the ole sewing machine! 
i'm actually super excited cause nothing gets my creative juices into overdrive like some healthy competition.
a few random things about me:
in idaho i was born and raised
(on the playground where i spent most of my days)
did i mention i quote movies and tv shows like allthetime?
i love pink. and frills. and polka dots. and ruffles.
i don't capitalize. i'm lazy like that.
i have 3 kids...who are about to be outfitted thanks to prap.
i have a husband.
he's not that important.
well..he does buy the gluesticks.
if asked what is the greatest invention of all time...i would say pinterest. hands down.
i eat chocolate for breakfast.
and lunch
and dinner.
i'm serious about 2% of the time. (i'm serious about pinterest and the chocolate)
and i blog HERE. come check me out.

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  1. ...when a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood...
    (Ahhh, good ol young Will Smith - I like you already!) You have a gorgeous family!!! ~Suzanne

  2. you crack me up !
    pink w/frills, polka dots & ruffles... I can't wait to see what you make !

  3. I'd make this your resume for any future jobs and call it a day! :)


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