Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Sunshine Dress Tutorial.

holy cow! i am so excited i won....thanks to everyone who voted for me!
now here's the hard part...tutorial! when i make sewing stuff on my blog...i totally just wing it. I don't know if it's even going to turn out til it does. (and sometimes it doesn't)

lucky for you this was a pattern katy already gave you a fantastic how to...i basically took her tutorial and just extended it up to a full dress and added a bias cut sash. (oh..and an exposed zipper! ha!)

BUT i do have on little trick up my sleeve...
i knew i wanted to have my strips super close together....i also knew my patience is extremely sucky.
so i totally cheated  and cut two inch strips and doubled them up as a i sewed. (look carefully at the picture below). the top is folded over the bottom piece (leaving the bottom piece hanging out so you get two layers with one stitch)
sew right at the top!
Don't get me wrong...still a ton of work...but only half of what you actually think!
makes such pretty little layers in half the time!

you can come by my blog to see the very few pictures i took during the process...
and to find out my secret!


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  1. Very cute! (and good idea about doubling it over…. I am all about saving time!

  2. Doubling up the strips was brilliant!

  3. I can't wait to see it after it's been washed! Love Love Love!

  4. What a great idea!! Congrats on the win. :)

  5. ok, that is genius. You deserve the win just for figuring out that trick! Oh, and the dress was super cute.

  6. How does this wash up? Is it fray-ey? Does it require ironing? Do you wash it by machine?

  7. Brilliant Kimbo! I can't believe you made two dresses. You are amazing!


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