Monday, September 24, 2012

Week Three: The White Sheet Challenge (Plus Week 2 Results)

Last week was so fun!  Aside from the variety of styles and genres that our designers delved into (which were so great) all of you at home who entered our flickr group were AMAZING. 
Honestly, this may have been my favorite Flickr group week ever.
The photographs, and designs, were some of the best I've seen and I spent WAAAAAYYYY too long reading all of your posts and the descriptions of each creation.
Ladies, you out did yourself.
You really did and I can't wait to see what happens this week.
This week we have "The White Sheet Challenge".
Here are the rules---get a white sheet (any size up to a King) and make your design from it.
That's it.
Yes, you can add other supplies but THE MAJORITY of your look should be made from that white sheet.
So many possibilities---so many creative people sewing along...this is going to be another excellent week!

Now onto our results from Week 2.
The winner of our fashion icon week (after combining the judges scores with the voters tally) is:
Heidi from Elegance and Elephants with her Classic Johnny look.
Congratulations Heidi!

And sadly we have to let another friend go.
(Honestly, this part is so hard.)
And this week we have to say goodbye to another designer who as is just as nice as she is talented:
Christina from2 Little Hooligans
but fortunately she won't be going home empty handed.
The good people over at  Stitch Simple are sending her a $25 gift card to choose from their amazing selection of pre washed and ironed fabrics.
Thank you Stitch Simple!
Please head over to Christina's blog today and let her know how much she'll be missed.
(Which is a lot.)

As for our at home sewing ladies from the Flickr group....
As I said before this week was unbelievable---I want to post every single photo---it was out of control!  (All of the judges were all too awesome.)
So after much deliberation our Flickr group Fashion Icon winner is:

Froo and Boo with her Kate Middleton look!
And she will be receiving $25 from Sew Fresh Fabrics.

Thank you again to our designers---we appreciate your hard work and are inspired by your looks.
And thank you also to our sew along ladies.  You are making this season amazing!
Here's to another fantastic week!

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  1. Amazing entries this week & congrats to the winners!

    Quick question: can you dye the sheet to be a different color or is the challenge to work with white?

  2. DYE-away!!!! (or any other creative way to change its color....) We are just excited to see all of your creativity!

  3. I'm hoping I can get this one done - being on vacation last week has put me way behind ;o(

  4. I'm excited about the white sheet challenge! So many interesting possibilities!

  5. was just about to throw out an old sheet, just to save space. But now I may have to do some sewing!!

  6. I agree, the flickr group this week was crazy! I would not have wanted to judge that! But I'm a huge giant fan of that froo and boo coat. It's perfect!

  7. I can't believe I won! Thanks--such an honour, there were so many great creations this week!

    1. that coat was amazing I must gone back and looked at it like 50 times

  8. I love the Johnny look! Can't wait for white sheet week, so many possibilities!

  9. I think Christina should win some kind of Miss Congeniality award. She is the sweetest person I've met in this competition. She genuinely cared for her competitors. I am sad to see her go too.


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