Monday, October 8, 2012

Week Five: Holiday Wear (Plus Results from Week 4)

Welcome to Holiday Wear Week!  This week you can choose any fall holiday that you love, and make an outfit inspired by that holiday.  We absolutely can't wait to see what your creativity brings to the upcoming Fall Holidays!

We do have our results from last week's boys' challenge.  It is always so fun to see boys' clothes around here and this last week was no different.  It was phenomenal to see what people came up with.  (And who says boy's clothes aren't fun?)  

All of our designers and sew-alongers did superb work with sewing for their little men. Don't you agree?

So, the results are.....

When we combined both the reader's poll and out judges'scores, our winner this week is Hayley with her Math-lete outfit.  You can check out so many more of her details at Welcome to the Mouse House and we look forward to her tutorial on Wednesday!  Congrats Hayley!!!!

As for the sew-along, we have a tie this week!!!! The winners are golden bear's older boy's outfit.....

and  Very Homemade's separates look for her little guy.  

Congratulations to both of you!!!!  Your looks are so well put-together!!!  They will each receive a gift certificate for $25 to Sew Fresh Fabrics.  Thanks again Sew Fresh!!!!

And now for the saddest part of our whole week.  This week we are losing our friend and designer, Kimbo from A Girl and a Glue Gun.

The only good part is that we are leaving her with a $25 gift certificate from Stitch Simple, to spend on some more fabric of her choice.

Thanks again to our sponsors for offering such fabulous prizes....we sew (yes, pun intended) appreciate you!!!

Also, thanks so much for playing along, Kimbo!  It has been such  a pleasure to have you here at Project Run and Play.  Please check out Kimbo's blog here and let her know how much we have loved having her here.  She is one of the funniest and most sincere bloggers we know!  

P.S.  Have you already decided on a holiday for your outfit this week? Let's hear what it is....(if you want to share)

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  1. Congratulations to all three winners! Have totally enjoyed seeing your creative handiwork, Kimbo. I still can't believe you made sooooo many pieces for your boy's look...totally impressive!

  2. Wow, thanks! My husband came in and told me that there was a post on our blog saying I won the sew-along..and I was like, what??? really? Everyone did such a great job, and this is really the first thing I have sewn for Carter in a long time!!! But he wore his pants to school today and was so excited about thanks for pushing me to actually sew for him. Congratulations to the other winners too! I loved both of their outfits!

  3. I'm shocked that Kimbo was eliminated. :(

  4. Does Christmas count for "fall holiday"? I know technically it's winter, but... :) I'm starting the Christmas dresses early this year, and it's required some finagling!

    1. Sorry I should have been more be judged it would need to be Fall Holiday Wear, but if you want to add Christmas wear into the flickr group--you are welcome to add those too!

  5. I DEMAND A RECOUNT!!!no--i'm totally kidding!you know-i have enjoyed every minute of this crazy contest! it has really pushed me out of my comfort sewing zone! I'm thankful i got this far cause these ladies are truly talented! good luck to them the rest of the season! i'm going to go take a nap.....!

  6. Kimbo, I am sad to see you go! I enjoy the "blogging" friendship we have formed and I will continue to keep in touch.

    I am super excited to see the variations people come up with next week!

  7. The truth is, I couldn't imagine any of you being eliminated because there really was no outfit that seemed subpar. Everyone was so amazing!

  8. I was kind of hoping for a no elimination this week and double elimination next week, though I'm not sure that would be any easier. Loved the boy looks!! I'm almost done with my daughter's Halloween costume. :)

  9. oh dang, i loved her look...well i loved them all actually:) im making the kiddos halloween costumes...the lorax and a brown barba-loot. although it wont be done in time to be added to the flickr group. my sil's baby shower is this weekend and i have a huge list of what needs to be made. so babies first i guess. plus looking at all that fur is making me crazy with the mess that is about to come:)

  10. Congrats to Hayley and the flickr pool winners. Really amazing job this week. Kimbo, I am so sad to see you go too! It's been a pleasure to sew along with you in this crazy competition! I so envy your nap right now. :)

  11. Everyone did a great job! I'm bummed to see Kimbo go. Following her blog is how i found out about all these great women that sew!


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