Monday, October 15, 2012

Week Six: Signature Looks (Plus Week 5 Results)

We CAN NOT believe that we are already here at week 6---THE FINAL WEEK!!! 
Which means it's our traditional "Signature Look" week (I love this week).
If you are unfamiliar with the signature look week here's what it is:
Each designer can make what ever they like (as long as it's children's wear of course) and all they have to do is make it a representation of their own individual style aesthetic.
(Which means of course that is the same challenge for all of you sewing along with us---to make something that is a representation of your own unique style aesthetic.   So many awesome people sewing many creative many different perspectives...this will always be a favorite week on mine.)
Now as far as last week is concerned...
Here are the results:
After a combined total of voting and judges scoring the winner of Week 5:  Holiday Wear is:
Congratulations this week was really close!
And the sew along judges have chosen Allie's (from Freshly Completed)
to be our sew along winner!
Congratulations Allie you will receive a $25 gift card to Sew Fresh Fabrics.
And now for the worst part of every week...saying goodbye.
This week we have to say goodbye to the talented Lindsay.
She will be leaving us with a gift card to Stitch Simple.
Please visit her today over on her blog and wish her well.  Her work has been delightful and she will be missed.
It's the last week of this season...let's make it a good one!

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  1. Anyone else starting to feel worn out??? I am so beyond impressed at these competitors who create more and more impressive work every single week! I think I'll only get one outfit done again this week, baby girl is easier to sew for ;op I'm sad it is the last week though, I've enjoyed sewing along with everyone!!!

  2. Wow, I'm so honored to have won the sew along. Thanks so much, Sew Long Judges and PR & P! Ya-hoo, time to celebrate!

  3. Thank you so much judges and everyone who voted! I'm so very honoured! And, yes, Suzanne...worn out is an understatement! But I'm just loving seeing what everyone is creating.

  4. Congrats to Heidi and the sew-along winner!

    Yes, I am worn out at this point, haha, but it has been SO fun!

    1. Not to mention the casualty of a sewing needle!!! Hope it's not your sewing foot!

    2. Haha, thanks Heidi! I am feeling pretty sore today, but I will make sure to be more careful around sewing needles from now on :)

  5. Ah man, so sad to be "aufed" this week! Thanks for the chance to sew next to such amazing ladies- and good luck to the final three!

    1. Thank you Lindsay! Your skills are amazing by the way...those intricate details of yours....WOW!


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