Monday, November 19, 2012

Basketweave Sleeve Tee Tutorial

Today we are excited to have with us our friend jacq (whom I'm sure you'll all recognize from her amazing entries into the Flickr group) who will be sharing a tutorial for one of my favorite items last season.

Hello there! I'm jacq from BEGINwithB and thrilled to have the opportunity to share with you all today. 

This past season of Project Run & Play I created this tee as part of my signature look during week six. 

I was shocked when the look was chosen as the sew-along winner so thought I would give you a quick tutorial to create your own tee. It looks a bit tricky but its surprisingly really simple.  

I used a self drafted pattern for this pull-over but you can use any raglan tee pattern like this one.

Cut sleeve pattern piece about halfway down on the short side. 
This short side connects to the front body and back of the tee.

Cut out the sleeve pieces, adding a quarter inch on both sides for seam allowances. 

Cut out multiple strips and weave together, using tape to hold weaving in place as you work.
Make sure to use a fabric that doesn't fray: knit, fleece, or even a woven cut on the bias would work. (I used a pretty heavy knit so that the edges wouldn't roll when washed and cut each 5/8 inch wide.)

Tape the weaving to maintain shape. 
This step isn't pretty but necessary until you get a basting stitch in. 

Place small sleeve piece and weaving together. 
Right side of sleeve fabric facing wrong side of weaving.

Baste pieces together, then cut to size. 

Sew to larger sleeve piece. 
Right side of weaving facing the right side of larger sleeve piece.

Press seam toward bottom of sleeve and top stitch. 

Repeat for other sleeve and put shirt together according to pattern instructions.

One tip: top stitch seams that attach sleeves to front body and back of tee for a more finished look. 

Loved being here today.
Thanks so much for the invite LiZ and Elizabeth!

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  1. Such a cool detail! Great tip with using a heavier fabric so it doesn't curl. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. love it! My boys are going to love them too :)

  3. Really cool! I'm thinking this would work for a girl's jacket. Love the idea!

  4. Do you think it would work with grograin ribbon instead of stripsof fabric?

  5. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove. so in love!

  6. Oh, Jacqueline! I love this so much!!!

  7. Super cute detail, thanks so much for sharing the instructions!


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