Monday, January 21, 2013

Week Three: Boys' Week

WoW!  It's week three already!  That means we are at the half way point---which can also mean only one thing---it is boys' week.  That's right, this week's challenge is all about the boys!  So dust off your sewing machines (and your boys) and get busy putting together a look with us this week. 
(And don't forget to add it to the linky party at the bottom of this post!)
Now before we get down to business there are 3 things that we want to share with you.
#1.  First of all...did you that this season of Project Run and Play should be called our international season?  Well, it should be!  This season, aside from all our talented designers living here in the states, we have one contestant living in Australia, one in Spain, and one in South Korea!  How fun is that?
#2.  The next season of Project Run and Play will be starting March 25th and we have something super exciting (and different) happening...but because we love suspense...that is all we are telling you today...more information will be coming very soon.  Until then let us just say that we are out of our minds excited about what is coming!
#3.  Remember, to be eligible for the weekly sew along prize you need to add the photo of your design to the linky party at the bottom of this post.  (You can still add your photos to the Flickr group as well but the judges only review those in the linky party.) onto business.
After combining the judges scores and the online votes the winner of our Week 2 Stripes and Polka Dots challenge is:
 Congratulations Shannon!  You're work was amazing. 
And sadly after combining those same scores we have to say goodbye to Vanessa this week.

The only thing that makes these goodbyes bearable is to know that our ladies don't leave us empty handed.  This week Vanessa will recieve a $25 gift card to The Ribbon Retreat for sharing her talent and beautiful photography with us.  We will miss you Vanessa.
As for our weekly sew along winner---this week the judges have chosen "Some Stripes and Some Dots" by I'm Feeling Crafty  as their top choice!

 She will be recieving one pattern from See Kate Sew's pattern shop and one pattern from Shwin Designs pattern shop.  (Have you checked out their shops yet? If, not you really should!)

And finally for our last item of business we need to announce the winner of the Indygo Junction giveaway and that person is....

who said:
"I like the Peasant Top & Tunic - I have a ton of old men's shirts that could be used for that pattern!"

kristinorth we will be emailing you soon with more information!
Ok.  I think that is everything.'s boy's week!  Let's get this party started! You have until Friday morning (8 am MST) to enter your links....after that we leave everything to our fantastic judges.

Link away!!

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  1. Congrats to Shannon - the outfit is amazing! And very sorry to see you go Vanessa. Your outfits so far have been beautiful. Wishing I had adult versions of your pieces in my wardrobe as they are great every day staples!

  2. Thanks so much for the prize win! I can't wait to pick out my patterns!

  3. Hm... I'm about to embark on new baby sewing... for a boy. Would that count?

  4. I'm sad to see Vanessa go as well! I loved her outfits. Congrats to the winner.

  5. YEA!!!! Go Shannon! I'm so honored to be the winner with Shannon! I didn't even know I had won until I got a super email from Shannon!!! Too exciting. What a great way to start the week!

    Thank you!

  6. Congrats Shannon!
    Vanessa, I am so sad to see you go! However, I am a new reader of your blog!

  7. Lots of inspiration this past week, congratulations to Shannon and feelincrafty!

  8. Y'all have managed to hit on another planned, non-buttonhole project. We're expecting a baby boy in April, so I was planning on sewing up some baby clothes for him. you know, a "coming home from the hospital" outfit. I'm not gonna have a model, though, since Alex won't be joining us for a few months yet. Is this still good for the sew along?

  9. You should delete #16, it's annoying to click a link and find a product to be purchased. NOT what project run& play is for!!!

    1. I guess we should have put that in the rules, huh? The product link is gone...and there is a now a new #16 but they are fine! Thanks for the heads-up....

    2. Thanks! just trying to keep true to the spirit of pr&p. <3


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