Monday, January 14, 2013

Week Two: Stripes and Polka Dots

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to Week 2 of Season 6!

Monday's are always full of business items so let's get down to business. 
This week our design challenge is: "Stripes and Polka Dots".  Simply create a look using stripes and polka dots and then share it with us at the linky party.  (Which you can find at the bottom of this post.)  Easy right?  And fun---who doesn't love stripes and polka dots?

Now for the results of last weeks pattern remix challenge:
'After a combined score from both the readers' poll and the judges' scores the winner of the Pattern Remix Challenge is Vanessa {LBG Studio} with her "Birthday Girl" look.
Congratulations Vanessa your outfit was adorable!

And as for our linky party sew along winner our judges selected:
 Danielle with her "Anchors at Play" Trench Coat.
Congratulations Danielle!  For winning this week you will recieve a pattern from both See Kate Sew's Pattern Shop and ShwinDesigns Pattern Shop.  (And not only are they cute patterns they are from wonderful women!  Check out their shops and their blogs See Kate Sew and Shwin and Shwin.)

And sadly, now we've come to our least favorite part of every week.  The results were super close but the time to say goodbye to one of our talented designers.  Unfortunately, Amy of Nap Time Crafters will be leaving us this week.
Amy will be receiving a $25 dollar gift certificate from The Ribbon Retreat for all her hard work.  And we will still be able to see all her wonderful sewing creations HERE on her blog.

Now before we sign off we still have to quick items of business.  The first is that we need to announce the winners of the Melly Sews Basic Patterns which are:

Mary JoJanuary 10, 2013 5:42 PM
The Pristine Swing is adorable!

I love the Hipster Henley! :
Mary Jo and Toni-Maree we will be emailing you soon with more information!

And finally---it's time for the linky party!!!
Remember that this season we are doing a linky party each week for you to enter your looks for each challenge.  (You are still welcome to upload your photos to the Flickr group as well but to be eligible for the weekly prizes your photo needs to be submitted to the linky party.)  The linky party is up now and will remain open until 8:00am MST on Friday, January 18th.  So start linking up your "Stripes and Polka Dots" looks.  We can't wait to see them!

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  1. oh, im so sad to see amy go!! she is amazingly talented...but we already knew that, didnt we?!

  2. Congratulations to the winners! So sad for Amy, she's a great designer. And I am about to finish my stripes & polka dots look. =D

  3. I'm so sorry for Amy! I really liked this fun and cheerful dress and am sure that Amy would have come up with some amzing other designs. However, at least from the public vote, many designs were very close, so, Amy, it's really no shame to be the one with just a few votes less.

  4. Do the stripes and polka dots have to be on the same garment? I'm hampered right now by the lack of a machine that will do buttonholes, so my immediate thought was knit. :) I actually have a project planned (a Minnie outfit) that is going to have polka dots, and one with stripes, but they're two separate outfits!

  5. Do the stripes and polka dots have to be on the same garment?

  6. They do not have to be on the same outfit.....your outfit sounds fun!

  7. Amy´s dress is gorgeous!! It´s sad that one of us had to go home.
    Congratulations to the winner, it´s also a beautiful outfit!!

  8. I just read through the links and it's funny that we are all trying to sew through our stash! :) Congrats to the winners and boo that Amy had to go!!! (But I am always sad to see any of the designers go! lol!)

    1. I noticed too! I just don't have any extra after the holidays and I like a good refashion/stash buster anyways.

  9. so sad that Amy had to go!!!!! Her outfit was adorable!
    Congrats to the winner, though because that cardigan was A-DOR-ABLE!
    LOVED the sew along entries too!

  10. I was going to desparately make an outfit tonight but then I realized that I would have to photograph and post it by 8am, and I am hoping the child I have in mind will still be sleeping then. Le sigh. Ah well, I can always get a head start on my boy look!


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