Monday, February 4, 2013

Week #5: The Men's Dress Shirt Challenge

Welcome to Week #5 of Season 6 of Project Run and Play!  This week the challenge is to take a men's button-up shirt and refashion it into an outfit for a child.  We are excited to see what you all are planning and the creativity that is in store!

Before we open the linky party we need to announce some winners....

Our designers' winner this week is La Inglesita!  Congrats, Maria!

And sadly we are saying goodbye this week to a dear friend Shannon from Little Kids Grow.  We will miss your talents Shannon.  Luckily Shannon is not going home empty-handed....she will be receiving a $25 gift certificate to The Ribbon Retreat.

And our Sew-Along winner this week is Frances-Suzanne!  They will be winning a pattern pack from See Kate Sew and Shwin Designs.

And our giveaway winner is gwendiequilts who said, "It would have to be Chloe, Ginger, or the Molly jacket. They're my top three but there are so many others I love! My granddaughter would pick Chloe but I think I'd choose either Ginger or Molly first."

And now for the linky party!!!!  We can't wait to see what you are doing with a simple button-up shirt.

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  1. I'm really excited for this week's challenge. Can't see what every lady will come up with. Congratulations to Maria, hers was absolutely my fave last week. =)

  2. Thank YOU!!!!

    Shannon, as I told you before hats off at your incredible sewing skills. Thanks for being so nice.

  3. María, es que es bonito, bonito! ;)

  4. VIVA LA INGLESITA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Spain forever

  5. Oh, so sorry to see Shannon go! Everyone has done such a fantastic job so far. Can't wait to see the refashions this week. I didn't have a shirt to cut up, so I won't be participating...I'm not going to go out to buy one. Did you hear that there is a lady on Etsy that has filed a patent on refashioning men's if she invented it?? People have been doing this for decades...well, before her. Etsy has been pulling upcycling listings. So sad.

    1. what???? That is ridiculous - refashioning has been used throughout history, most notably in recent history during WWI and II. Gah, and there the historian in me comes out. I'm all for people getting to protect their unique ideas... she could file a patent on a specific pattern I guess, but not on all refashioning. RI.DI.CU.LOUS!!!

    2. From the threads in the etsy forums, she apparently just went through and reported a bunch of upcycling listings...not even knowing if they used her "process". She's seriously mental. I found her shop and she seems to think that people looked at her patent and that is how everyone now knows how to upcycle men's shirts. Mental!! Hopefully, the shop owners all get together and sue her to get the patent revoked. She didn't invent the process. There is documentation of upcycling men's shirts long before her patent was filed.

  6. So happy for María!! Ole! ole!
    Although it is sad to say good by to Shannon.

    I'm enjoying a lot the competition!!

  7. Ok since we are speaking Spanish today. Felicidades Maria! Me gustaria mucho esa chaqueta! Buena suerte!

  8. Congratulations to Maria!!

    I'm thrilled to see my name as the pattern winner! Thank you. I know I'm going to love the patterns - each one on their site was really special.

    I love this site and look forward to seeing all the entries here each week. All Stars is a wonderful idea.

  9. We are thrilled to be named the sew-along winner for the week! Thank you, LiZ and Elizabeth, for giving everyone the opportunity to sew-along!! PR&P camaraderie is the best!!


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