Monday, February 11, 2013

Week Six: Signature Looks

So here we are at the final week of Season 6.  (Can you believe that it's week 6 already?)
And the final week means---Signature Styles!
We are asking all of the designers (and you sewing along at home) to create a childrens outfit that best represents your own individual style when it comes to children's wear.
And now since time is short for this season let's get down to the business of the day:
The winner of last weeks Men's Shirt Refashion Challenge is:
Congratulations Max, your shirt refashion was too cute!
And sadly this week we have to say goodbye to Maria from La Inglesita.
She will be leaving us with a gift card to the Ribbon Retreat.
Thank you Maria for sharing your talents and sense of style with all of us.
The winner of the Mens Dress Shirt Refashion is:
For being selected as our judges choise this week you will get one pattern from both See Kate Sew and Shwinn Designs!

And the winner from the Whipstitch giveaway is:
Ajaire who said:
"Fun giveaway! My top do list is topped with a spring jacket for my little girl. She's already growing out of the one I made this winter. :)"
Ok!  So that is all the announcements for the day.
Below is the link party and we can't wait to see all of your Signature Styles!

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  1. wow, it is week 6?! guess i wont be sewing along:)

  2. Thanks for the whip stitch giveaway! Yay for week six!

  3. Maria :-(
    So excited about this last challenge!

  4. Ladies, you all are amazing!!! I know you're going to blow us all away with your Signature Looks. (Maria, you are a phenomenal seamstress!!! Big Hugs!)

  5. Thank you ladies, I´m very happy to have survived five weeks. It´s a lot of sewing and quite an stressful experience, but I´m grateful to have been given the chance to be here.
    Looking forward to your signature looks. This time I´ll be voting from my comfy sofa :)
    See you around

  6. I love the creativity of signature look week - can't wait to see what everyone has been dreaming up. Congrats to Clouds Full of Rain, I loved your top!

  7. Thank you! I hate seeing people leaving, because I honestly thought that I wouldn't even get through the first week!

  8. Lo siento mucho María, pero ya sabes que te consideramos la mejor por estos lares

  9. I wanted to say thanks to those who selected my top as the winning design from week 5. So fun! Everybody is just so creative. Win or no win, I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

  10. Wow I can't believe that went so quick! I only managed to link twice this time around but I'm excited about the next season already, and can't wait to see the finalists signature looks! :) congrats all those left for making it to the end!

  11. I found this contest just few days ago. Great idea! And it was wonderful to find great new blogs to follow. I even posted my own picture to the sew along -wall (silly me didn´t realize I was supposed to write the name of the style and not my own name;) The name of the style in English is Apple flower.

    1. Oops, and now I realize I should have posted a new work done this week. Feel free to remove the link I added, if it against the rules. If there´s still time, I can add one that is fresh;)


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